Remnants of the Obama Era: Life Worth Less than Two Dollars

Remnants of the Obama Era: Life Worth Less than Two Dollars

In Oakland a man was beaten to death over pocket change. How fitting that life in the hood is about as worthless as the man who just exited the Oval Office.

Don’t go to the park at night, at least not in the neighborhoods that voted overwhelmingly for Obama. Chances are you may not survive. And if you’re in distress, you’ll have to wait until daylight for anyone to call it in.

There were witnesses to the horrific event, where two teenage thugs viciously attacked a senior citizen repeatedly over an eight hour period. Investigators said a 12-year-old called 911 after spotting Phillip Fai Low the next morning, lying motionless.

Jabari Jones (19) and Breshawn Clark (18) stand accused of murder. Police arrested these thugs last Wednesday in the beating death of the 55-year-old Low.

man beaten Lowell Park The attacks took place in a Lovell Park in West Oakland.  Eyewitnesses watched Jones beat and stomp on Low repeatedly. According to police, Jones and Clark left the park but returned three times to finish what they’d started. In their final confrontation with the victim, these thugs stuffed Low in a shopping cart and then threw him into puddles of water. In the course of these attacks, Clark stole $1.14 from Low.

One dollar and fourteen cents. That’s what a human life is worth to criminal thugs, preying on the weak. What the hell has our society come to, when this can happen?

Police estimate the attacks occurred between midnight and 8 a.m. But it wasn’t until a child walked to school the next morning, that anyone bothered alerting authorities. By then, it was too late. Low was dead.

This wasn’t some stranger killing. Police verified that Jones and Clark knew Low from around the neighborhood. Why would anyone kill their neighbor? And how was it that witnesses refused to come to his aid? It makes no sense to me. If someone called police at the start of these attacks, Low might still be alive. I don’t understand what prevented witnesses from acting.

Man Beaten: The Penalty

Nothing about this story makes sense. What provokes teenagers, at the beginning of their lives to murder? Where does that kind of anger, arrogance, wickedness, and malice come from? Why do they value a fellow human being so cheaply? Police have yet to disclose the motive for these crimes.

Jones faces murder charges for beating Low to death. Clark likewise faces murder charges for assisting Jones throughout the night, and pushing Low into the water. The pair return to court on March 20 to enter pleas.

Human life is far too precious to be esteemed so cheaply. How do we as a society stop this rage-filled hatred?

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