Democrats React to Trump's New York City Reception

For a man who’s supposedly hated in Democrat-controlled cities, Donald Trump made one helluva splash in The Big Apple.

Look at this reception by onlookers as Trump headed to the kangaroo court set up by Alvin Bragg:

This is an impromptu appearance by Trump, and he draws this fawning crowd. Compare this to the pre-fab nonsense of Biden.

Trump gets exponentially more people waving and praising him than Biden can get at his own family reunion.

As one commenter wrote: “Meanwhile Joe Biden is getting his diaper changed.”

Check out this video that blows up the Leftist narrative:

Watch that video multiple times and gauge the crowd. All 360 degrees of video show people in support of Trump. And there may be thousands of Trump worshippers; all people who recognize the political witch hunt Trump faces in Democrats’ election interference efforts. No need for obscure camera angles to hide the crowd, as the press do with Biden.

Speaking of Captain Demento, while speaking in Pennsylvania he recently lamented people with “FJB” signs and children flipping him off:

I congratulate the parents of the 7 or 8-year-old Biden mentioned who flipped him off. Fitting that children recognize scum when they see it, less they turn into Democrats.

Biden is an indecent man at best. However, what’s worse is he pretends to be decent. But Joe Biden fools nobody.

What bothers Democrats and other Leftists is this is happening all over America. To validate what the “81-million-vote-man” lamented, check out this video of Biden heading into the battleground state of Michigan:

We slowed this video down so you could see the more of the signs. Even at regular speed it’s easy to see the throngs of Trump supporters lined up for what appears to be blocks. These people took the time to dress in patriotic anti-Biden gear, carry American flags, and showcase signs to show how much they detest Biden.

Slow-motion shows thousands of people supporting Trump, hating Biden. And this video captures only a fraction of the distance and people. This video lasted a minute, and you saw a fraction of the thousands of Trump supporters.

By contrast, where are the Biden supporters?

Watch ANY video of Biden and the one thing that will be missing is supporters. This slowed down video show no Biden supporters, because Biden is almost universally despised. I’m actually surprised he admitted it in that earlier video.

If Biden were popular, there would be just as many people holding his signs on the other side of the road. But you never hear of clashes between Trump supporters and Biden supporters for one simple reason: there are no  true Biden supporters.

Biden supporters are either Trump haters or virtue-signalers. They only support Biden when they gain something. Privately, only the biggest fool in the country supports this old fool.

Leftists get mad at me for stating this truth. Because the truth hurts, and people hate being caught in their own lies.

Democrats are panicked.

Democrats may pretend to be Tommy Toughass publicly, but in truth he’s scared of his shadow. That’s why he lies about his life, his son’s life, his uncle’s life, and everything else.

Play all the games the Left will, but they are panicked at the visceral reaction against Biden. Everywhere. And the real polls validate what Democrats know: Biden can’t beat Trump.

The strategy of Democrats has been clear since Biden was cheated into office. Tie Trump up in court, and try to bankrupt him. But that’s not working, nor will it.

As I heard the President of the Claremont Institute say, [pp] “Trump is the perfect man for this time.” He went on to say that Trump may not be the best president for all time, but he is undoubted the man for this time.

How anybody could watch Democrats persecute this man and not see what’s happening shows the real nature of Democrats or anti-Trumpers.

Nothing Democrats do will stop Trump’s second term and the resurgence of America. MAGA.


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