Leftists Beg Patrick Stewart to MOCK Kellyanne Conway on SNL

Leftists Beg Patrick Stewart to MOCK Kellyanne Conway on SNL

Hollyweirdos have no relevance, so they look for help from President Trump and his staff.

Thus, SNL is at it again. But this time it’s not the president who’s the target.

Now they point their not-so-clever wit at another Trump administration heavyweight. It certainly can’t hurt the ratings for that dreadful “comedy” show.

To catch you up, Kate McKinnon played Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Then, Melissa McCarthy took a turn as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. And of course, Alec Baldwin played and played, then played again the venerable Donald Trump.

Patrick Stewart as Kellyanne Conway, SNLSo, anti-Trump, uber-Leftist Patrick Stewart has been asked to play counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway.

Apparently, the clamor for Stewart’s cross-dressing came after a year-old photo surfaced on social media of the classically-trained thespian in drag.

The photo was first taken last April while the star promoted his comedy ‘Blunt Talk.’

He appeared in drag on an episode of the show’s second season, and said at the time: ‘I think I looked rather glamorous.’

Glamorous? In his perverted dreams. Stewart admitted needing his wife’s help to walk in heels. And let’s face it; even Oprah’s make-up artist couldn’t help Stewart.

Once the episode of Blunt Talk aired, some liberal wackos commented publically that Stewart in drag looked like Conway. They encouraged him to prove it on Saturday Night Live. Last week, a random Reddit user took a screen grab of Stewart in drag in a Google Image search for Conway.

This scary beast looks more like a Halloween version of a serial killing Avon lady than Kellyanne.

Confirming the lens in which Hollyweirdos and other Leftist perceive conservatives, they believe Stewart was a perfect likeness. 

SNL finds us hideous, gender confused, and hypocritical. Further, the late night show also implies that conservatives are not the upstanding family values-oriented people we purport to be.

Patrick Stewart as Kellyanne Conway, SNLConsider McCarthy’s offensive portrayal of Spicer, where she feminized the former Navy commander and married father of two.

Likewise, McKinnon’s sickening turn as a hatefully-emasculated Sessions–the former Army captain, state attorney general, Senator, and married father of three.

Currently, McKinnon plays Kellyanne on SNL. What, pray tell, would a hyper-masculine Stewart portrayal of Conway auger?

SNL and Stewart have yet to comment about a possible gender-bending appearance for the actor. Neither has Conway responded to social media taunts that a scary drag queen looks anything like her. Ladies with class don’t need to comment on such inane, juvenile insults.

Conway did, however, decide to reveal her favorite SNL skit to TMZ over the weekend. In that sketch, Kate McKinnon as Conway told CNN anchor Jake Tapper that Trump was crazy.

“It’s charming, Conway said of McKinnon’s impression of her on the show.”

As the Church Lady would say, “Well isn’t that special!”.

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