CRAZY REASON This Woman Sued Donald Trump

Why This Woman Sued Donald Trump Will Shock You.

Worldwide, leftists have descended into darkness. Now, public urination declared a right…to free speech.

Thus, when an anti-Trump protester strolled through Trump International Golf Course to protest on behalf of the environment, she peed publicly to make a statement.

Rohan Beyts sued Trump InternationalRohan Beyts, a liberal activist, sued Trump International Golf Course in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Yes, American liberals have exported their insanity against America’s 45th president abroad.

Seeking £3,000 (or about $3,800) in damages, Beyts claimed that the course staff breached data protection laws when they filmed her urinating in a sand dune near the clubhouse.

As Beyts tells it, she was walking through the course she had protested against for years when suddenly, “nature called.” So she “hid” in some sand dunes to urinate.

In the “sane world,” when you trespass on private property and “dropped trou” in public, people declare you a public nuisance.

The fact that three men filmed her on their mobile phones in the commission of a lewd act confirms she wasn’t very well hidden.

Ironically, Beyts’ own public statement after the case ended proves she specifically targeted club members with her boorish behavior:

“I was only interested in clearing my name when the Trump organization representative spoke of me committing a deliberate and shameful act within a few feet of the club house in few view of staff and guests.

Repeat, Beyts’ was close to the clubhouse. So, there was no need for her to “hide” in a sand dune. She had only to ask to use the indoor bathroom.

So, there was no need for her to “hide” in a sand dune. She had only to ask to use the indoor bathroom. However, that common-sense gesture wouldn’t have made headlines, now would it?

Four days later, police charged her with public urination. But the prosecutor declined to pursue the case further.

Seizing the moment, Beyts sued Trump International for breach of privacy.

Can leftists claim a right to privacy on a golf course?

Clearly, this was a political stunt.

The anti-Trump protester widely publicized her lawsuit’s journey on social media, including her “Trip up Trump page.” Anyone who urinates in public ought to be thrown in jail.

The court ruled that no distress was caused by Trump International’s failure to register under the Data Protection Act. So they didn’t buy her story, either.

But then the leftist judge (sheriff) Donald Corke defended the anti-Trump leftist, warning:

People “taking pictures of females urinating in the countryside put themselves at real risk of prosecution under public order or voyeurism.”

In the “countryside?”

She was a few feet from clubhouse guests and staff.

The club likely filmed her for their protection, the stalker! It certainly wasn’t to profiteer on the internet…we provided a picture!

One staff member stated he photographed Beyts for evidence of a “criminal act.” Those pictures are proof she needs a padded cell.

Trump International Golf Links stated:

“The disingenuous claim by Rohan Beyts was a perversion of the truth and nothing more than a poor attempt at self-publicity in an effort to garner support for her anti-Trump, anti-business propaganda.”

“It’s a disgrace that valuable time and money has been wasted defending a genuine north east business and its honest, hard-working personnel from this nonsense.”

This sounds suspiciously like something leftists currently do to the president and his family in America.

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