Chelsea Clinton Teaches Millennials: Achieving Success Without Dirty Rotten Parents

Chelsea Clinton Teaches Millennials: Achieving Success Without Dirty Rotten Parents

Chelsea Clinton teaches Millennials how she became successful.

Apparently, having a former president for a father and a bulldog b*tch of a mother might not be enough to ensure success.

Why should having unworldly advantages stop Chelsea Clinton from offering advice to young women about success? After all, they are born in America and not some Third-World armpit her parents bilked for billions.

So, let’s review some of Chelsea’s stellar advice.

Chelsea Clinton, real world advice“It’s better to ask [for a raise] and be told ‘no’ than to not ask at all, and to recognize that you’re not alone. We know that we need to do more to ensure that women are equally valuing ourselves. And we need to change the social norms and cultures within employers so that women are equally valued.”

Sage advice from the girl who made over $25,000 an hour at one point in her career. I wonder what the men made at that job?

Behold the evolution of Chelsea Clinton’s “real world” success

  • First job out of college: McKinsey & Company – annual salary: $120,000. This was the same salary as co-workers with MBA degrees.
  • 2006 Job: Avenue Capital Group. Democrat billionaire Marc Lasry wanted a Clinton on his payroll after donating $460,000 to Leftist causes for 15 years.
  • NBC Job – As a special correspondent Chelsea was paid $600,000 annually. That approximates to $26,724 for every minute she was on air. That’s a whopping $445 per SECOND. And, for this fat salary, Clinton is best known for an interview where she grilled the fictitious Geico gecko.
  • Prominent Democrat fundraiser and friend of her parents, Barry Diller, appointed Chelsea to the board of directors for two of his companies. Expedia pays her $250,000 a year. IAC/Interactive Corp give her $300,000 annually.

In the words of the late great Donna Summers: “She works hard for the money!”

And Chelsea Clinton certainly has the academic pedigree:

  • Chelsea Clinton, real world adviceUpon turning 16, several D.C. area radio stations offered to buy her a new car.
  • Completed a BA in history at Stanford University by interviewing her president father for her senior thesis on the 1998 Northern Ireland peace process.
  • Received a highly coveted internship at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland a year after graduating college.

Chelsea Clinton is as qualified to give real-world career advice to Millennials as Steven Spielberg’s children are to advise no-name wannabe actors on “How to break into Hollywood”.

Nevertheless, when Leftists credentialize a hack, they are forced to set idiotic narratives.

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