BREAKING: Obama Admin Spied on Another Group

BREAKING: Obama Admin Spied on Another Group

What else will we find out about the most corrupt administration in American history?

No wonder Barack Obama keeps his head down, as Utopia burns all around him. No sense getting the thing chopped off, metaphorically speaking, Akbar.

We learned recently that Susan Rice unmasked American citizens on the Obama administration witch hunt, on behalf of the witch they wanted to become president. Oh, and to preserve the lie of the “scandal-free” administration.

So no surprise to uncover that Obama spied on Israel.

As Mike Cernovich tweeted.

We know Obama hates Israel. We wrote of a meeting between the two:

Israelis believe in  capitalism and a strong military. They are unashamed to display their faith, and readily embrace peaceful participants of other faiths.

And why is Obama not meeting with Netanyahu again?

“to avoid the appearance of influencing a democratic election in a foreign country.”

As we now know, Obama actually did interfere with the Israeli elections. He lost that one too.

Further, if you think Obama hates Israel, you should know what he feels about Israel’s leader.

Obama’s disdain for Netanyahu is well-documented, and frankly, an embarrassment to his and his administration. Fortunately for Obama, he has no shame.

Like the Tea Party Community, Obama detests anybody who would dare fight for their republic, as that fight counters Obama’s mission.

But, Obama loves his minions.

Susan Rice has many tentacles into all the clandestine activities of the administration. And now we know why Obama promoted Rice instead of firing her.

Susan Rice proved herself to be the biggest stooge in the Obama administration; and that’s tough to accomplish, given all the President’s buffoons.

However, as in Bizarro World, being a moron is actually good.

The woman went off half-cocked to announce on Sept 11 that the Benghazi fiasco was caused by a video. THEN, to be certain we understood she was an idiot par excellence, she said that the Benghazi flare-up was spontaneous. That the raid had nothing to do with Muslim jihadis attacking sovereign American soil and killing 4 citizens, including two Navy SEALS and one Ambassador on the anniversary of Sept 11.

Rice was bucking for promotion, and she got it.

We just discovered why Rice landed the new better gig

Obama called in the favors with Rice, as he asked for information on people through channels. He placed the perfect patsy and Rice finds herself on in the frying pan.

The lid will soon lift off the many subversive actions of Barack Obama and his fellow hucksters. America will have proof that these scoundrels would do anything to remain in power.


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