PATHETIC: Refugees use multiple FAKE IDENTITIES to get benefits [VIDEO]

PATHETIC: Refugees use multiple FAKE IDENTITIES to get benefits [VIDEO]

Welfare fraud permeates America’s “poor.”

And the idea is an old one, likely brought from Europe. That’s where leftists seem to get most of their hair-brained ideas about how things should run.

Instead of asking each citizen to produce more than they take from society, leftists demand that doers simply DO MORE to cover the growing list of takers.

Takers see doers as prey, and such is the case in Sweden.

According to this Swedish news source, up to 50 percent of those seeking asylum in Sweden register multiple identities to authorities according to TV4. This is done in order to maximize the Swedish benefit.

Between 30-50 per cent of asylum seekers’ records of personal data by public authorities in Sweden [is false], according to a study by the Tax Agency.

The false personal information is used, among other things, [for] “major criminal activity.” Exactly how much is unclear, because the different authorities [are] not sharing information with each other. It can also be about misspellings [of Muslim names].

“If for example, I have three identities so I can start a business and get a fresh start contribution, then I can be unemployed in the second for [medical benefits], and then I can take out loans in the third,” says Marie Mattsson Vangekrantz, coordinator of the ID-related crime on the Tax Agency, told TV4.

Now Tax Board requires that the Official Secrets Act be changed so that authorities can take part in each other’s tasks and thus stop this kind of illegal activity.

The suspected terrorist Rakhmat Akilov is one of many asylum seekers who made use of at least two different identities.

Leftists constantly condemn the rich for their wealth, and how many of them acquire it.

For the record, most of us despise ill-gotten money. But, the Left overlook the rampant criminality of welfare fraud. 

Millions of people thwarting the system can have a devastating impact on the economy. In fact, welfare fraud likely wreaks more havoc on the economy than a few rich fat cats beating the system.

Frankly, both groups should be jailed. Regardless of what country, too.

People work hard for their money, and governments shouldn’t squander it by donating funds to people on the take. Nor should they allow people to steal identities.

But it’s one thing to lose your money, and another altogether to lose your life when refugees turn to terror.


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