MORBID: Woman Crowd-Funds For Her Son’s Execution

MORBID: Woman Crowd-Funds For Her Son’s Execution

Families of black criminals expect a payday when their loved ones die in the commission of crimes.

Multiple black families over the past several years successfully sued in the deaths of their guilty-as-sin criminal thug relatives. Juries awarded these families millions for these deaths.

See for yourself.

  • The family of Freddie Gray got $6.4 million because Gray killed himself in a police van.
  • Eric Garner’s relatives received $5.9 million because Garner resisted arrest.
  • Sandra Bland’s family raked in $1.9 million because she committed suicide in a jail cell.

Marilyn Shankle-Grant, Paul Storey crowd-fundI’m sensing a pattern.

  1. Liberals call the deaths of black criminals in the custody of white cops, “wrongful.”
  2. The Left requires no public accountability for the criminal behavior of these thugs.
  3. Their families scream “racism,” hire attorneys, and collect big paydays.

All this for deaths that each thug brought on themselves.

Marilyn Shankle-Grant chose a different funding route. She used a crowdfunding site called You Caring. At least this method avoided hiring a civil rights’ attorney to cash in on her son’s death.

In 2006, Jonas Cherry, 28, was shot and killed during the commission of a robbery. In this felony murder, Paul Storey, Shankle-Grant’s son had an accomplice. His partner actually shot the man, and subsequently pled guilty in order to avoid the death penalty.

He received a life sentence.

Storey could have gotten the same deal. However, he pled not guilty and went to trial.

Unfortunately for Storey, a jury convicted Storey and he was sentenced to death; ironically the same sentence as his victim.

The execution is set for April 12, 2017.

A mother’s love

Despite his incarceration and his crime, Storey’s mother dotes on him. Once a month, she drives four hours from Fort Worth to Livingston, Texas to see him.

“My love and devotion to my son are not matched by the resources needed to make the trip as often as I am allowed to visit him,” she wrote. “With a heavy heart I turn to my fellow human light to ask you to help me help my son face the darkness as his destruction approaches.”

Shankle-Grant made nearly $6,000 from donations to her You Caring page, so far. The money allows her to purchase a rental car, meals, gas, and a hotel stay each weekend.

“None of this would be able to be happening if it weren’t for that You Caring page,” she says. “I’m able to talk to him. When he’s down and out and depressed, we can talk about it and talk him through it. It gives me comfort, too.”

Shankle-Grant will send excess funds to families of death row inmates in Arkansas, whose execution dates draw near.

Sadly, you can bet there are people in the Shankle-Grant family who wish Storey had died in a “death by cop.”

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