AL SHARPTON: Pimping the Black Vote Over the ‘ARCHIE BUNKER’ Vote

AL SHARPTON: Pimping the Black Vote Over the ‘ARCHIE BUNKER’ Vote

During the 2016 election Obama said to blacks, “If you don’t vote for Hillary Clinton you will be rejecting my legacy.”

And after 8 failed years of Obama’s polices black Americans said, “Great! Where can we sign up to kill Obama’s legacy?”

Obama’s legacy put more Americans on food stamps and welfare than any single POTUS. Next, Obama gave America the lowest job participation rate and real unemployment in decades. And black people got it the worst.

However, Al Sharpton loves Obama.

During an interview on MSNBC last Friday, Sharpton explained how Democrats lost the 2016 election. He said,

“Democrats must stop trying to get the “Archie Bunker” vote and instead focus on maximizing the party’s minority vote.”

Interesting comment, given that many of Sharpton’s peers differ on that. The disgruntled white male vote was said to be one of the main reasons Hillary Clinton lost. Given how Hillary Clinton demonized men in particular, and white men in general, there is little wonder why they went after Hillary Clinton.

But you can bet that Sharpton won’t let the angry white male vote supplant the black vote. America’s biggest race pimp has no shot with white men. So, he must keep black people in the mix.

Thus, in a recent interview with BuzzFeed, Sharpton said Hillary Clinton’s biggest mistake in 2016 “was that she did not mobilize in the black community.”

“You lost Michigan, by what, 15,000, 20,000 votes? You could’ve got that if you mobilized two housing projects or three churches.” Sharpton said.

And here I thought mobilizing black people is what Sharpton gets paid handsomely for? Looks like Sharpton is bucking for more plantation rations!

Sharpton claims Hillary needed to show up at black churches. She did. And the results were embarrassing. Check out this anemic crowd.

What have black people gotten in return for voting Democrat?

Nothing. Black people voting for Trump was a slap in the face to Obama. Even Sharpton admits in his interview:

“We had the lowest turn out rate for blacks in a long time.”

“And I think that’s where they did the wrong math in the Clinton campaign. They assumed that we’ll go get all of this because everybody will stay here: young voters, black voters, Latino voters, like Obama, and it didn’t happen.”

The Democrats crushed themselves. The public witnessed the dirty underbelly of the Democratic Party and the media.

Black America took notice. They too are tired of the race pimping. Blacks show Democrats undying loyalty, only to get their asses kicked post-election. Nothing changes.

Or does it.

This time around, black America showed up to the voting booths and declared: Keep your change, we want the proven white billionaire. Just like the Archie Bunkers.


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