Source Says Hannity To Be Fired Next Week By Fox

BREAKING: Source Says Hannity To Be Fired Next Week By Fox

FOX News has made radical changes recently.

First, Megyn Kelly left Fox unceremoniously. Rumors persisted of her departure, and many Fox fans said, “Good riddance.”

Right after the first debate, Kelly changed dramatically, shifting from a light-hearted fun anchor to an anti-Trump shrew.

Tucker Carlson stepped in, and ratings went up. But then O’Reilly met the guillotine. Tucker moved to O’Reilly’s former slot and The Five moved to his.

New shows were created, and the experimenting continues. And now rumors are that Sean Hannity may be next to meet the executioner.

Recently Hannity was chastised by Fox for a report on the death of a former Clinton staffer, Seth Rich. Perhaps in the old days Fox would have backed his play, but “times they are a changin'”.

Adding to the rumors is this post from Rambo Biggs, who claims that he knows Hannity will be let go by Fox.

I had a conversation with a source close to Hannity who showed me an internal email at fox where Adam Housley spoke to Sean and  he said he believes he will be fired next week sometime by Fox News for his coverage of the Seth Rich murder.

I also have a source within the FBI that will be sending me documents that show that Seth Rich was the Wikileaks source.  The DC police said that they didn’t hand off the laptop to the FBI, which is true. But The Police did contact the FBI to unlock the computer and when the FBI tech unlocked it he also took the information from the laptop. This is coming my source within the FBI.

Let’s hope this puts pressure on Fox to do the right thing and not fire a good man for covering a real story.

I don’t think Fox would fire Hannity over a single story.

Obviously there is a changing of the guard at Fox. Having never met the Murdoch sons, I have no idea of their ideology except what I’ve read.

Nevertheless, the belief is that the sons will take the brand in a more progressive direction.

If that’s the case, Hannity could very well lose his job. But Fox will lose in the end.

The reason for their dominance is the network’s fair and balanced approach to the news. Further, for those who really watch Fox, you know the network is in no way far right. Those who believe that are generally far Left, and we know that is a recipe for failure.

We wish Hannity success, and hope he remains on Fox. He’s an asset to the network and a true Conservative warrior.

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