Oddly Bill Clinton maintained pretty high approval ratings before the 2016 presidential election.

Apparently, many Americans forgot his role in the long list of Clinton scandals. But not anymore.

Thanks to Hillary’s time in the limelight, Bill finally sees the bottom-dwelling ratings he deserved all along.

Bill's approval ratings plummet #KevinJacksonA new survey concludes that only 6% of Americans would want Bill Clinton to return as president. Reagan fared much better, as most Americans would love to see the Gipper back.

A recently published University of Virginia poll reveals that:

“In 2012, Hillary Clinton had strong favorability nationally while she was secretary of state. Once she re-entered the political fray and was the target of negative attacks for two years, her numbers eroded significantly, and that erosion appears to apply to her husband as well,” said Center for Politics Director Larry Sabato.

The survey analysis added:

“Bill Clinton has suffered a sharp decline after 2012. Whereas 33% of respondents rated him as a 9 or 10 on a 0 to 10 scale five years ago, our new poll finds just 16% rate him as a 9 or 10 [today]. This shift comes from an across-the-board partisan decay in positive views of the former president, with more Democrats, Republicans, and Independents rating Clinton more unfavorably. Bill Clinton’s worsened public perception may mirror the similar decline of his wife, Hillary Clinton, during and in the aftermath of a brutal, unsuccessful presidential election.

Undoubtedly, what impacted Bill Clinton the most is the very charity they try to sell as altruistic.

The public didn’t buy it.

During the Democratic National Convention, Slick Willy painted a romanticized version of his wife. Some may have seen the story of a husband/wife presidential duo, but America saw the couple for what they really are: ruthless.

Sean Spicer reminded the Clintons of their past.

Bill’s Real Downfalls:

Although Hillary’s run for the White House dragged Bill down, she shouldn’t get total blame. While leftists overlooked much of what Bill Clinton did during his presidency, the walk down memory lane shed light on many of his huge mistakes.

Clinton fathered the financial crisis that almost cratered the American economy. This cost jobs, and ultimately impacted minorities the most.

Hillary’s campaign unearthed Bill Clinton’s record on imprisonment of blacks. Though Clinton rightfully put more police officers on the street, his “super predator” approach to crime would come back to haunt him and Hillary.

But if you think Clinton was bad for American blacks, you should see how he treated Africans, particularly Rwandans.

As M. Morris of Listverse notes:

The Rwanda genocide was a 100-day killing spree by ethnic Hutus against their Tutsi neighbors. It was a mindless slaughter that killed up to 800,000 people. Corpses littered the streets and children were dismembered and raped.

Then-President Clinton reacted to this senseless tragedy—arguably the worst of the 20th century—by burying any evidence of it.Bill's approval ratings plummet #KevinJackson

In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, the Clinton White House insisted they’d been unaware of the scale of suffering.

In 2004, however, classified documents emerged proving that the CIA had informed Clinton, Gore, and 100 top officials that a genocide was underway within 17 days of the first killings.

Had they spoken out at the UN or piled pressure on Rwanda, it’s likely that the slaughter could have been stopped before reaching such disturbing proportions.

By Clinton’s own estimate, their silence cost upward of 300,000 lives.

If that’s not enough, Bill Clinton bears some responsibility for the events of 9/11.

He had numerous chances to stop Bin Laden before the most atrocious attack on American soil.

Morris continues:

In 1996, Osama bin Laden had not yet become the universally despised figure he is today. Although he hadn’t yet graduated to planning large-scale atrocities, the State Department had good reason to believe he was starting to take a more active role in terrorist circles, which could only grow if he moved on to Afghanistan. They asked the Clinton administration whether they should deter the move—and Clinton said no.

It wasn’t the first time Clinton turned down the chance to halt Bin Laden’s progress, and it wouldn’t be the last. In the early 2000s, a litany of missed opportunities came to light. One of the most negligent was Clinton’s refusal to take steps as simple as hiring Arabic language translators for the intelligence services, significantly slowing down operations. If the White House had managed to put the brakes on Bin Laden at this time, the worst terrorist atrocity in US history may never have happened.

With accomplishments like those, it’s hard to understand how Bill Clinton ever reached such high approval ratings.

His ratings only prove how easy the Left overlooks the real records of their heroes, in order to further the fake narrative.

Thankfully, Clinton now receives the numbers he deserves.

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