For Butt-hurt Leftists: Obama Butt Balm [Video]

For Butt-hurt Leftists: Obama Butt Balm [Video]

If you’re a leftist still smarting from the election ass-kicking back in November, you might consider getting some Obama Butt-Balm.

The commercial would make Billy Dee Williams proud, and reminds me of the old Colt 45 commercials that ran during black sitcoms in the ’70s.

The manufacturers of Obama Butt Balm know you’re hurting.

But don’t let that election night thrashing get you down.

While you’re thinking up more insane excuses for Hillary Clinton’s loss, why not apply soothing balm to the areas that ache?

And Obama Butt-Balm is not just for millennials. Old school leftists will enjoy the balm’s healing properties.

The ointment even works for climate-change freaks, feminists, tree-huggers, LGBTQ, pacifists, pedophiles, atheists, street thugs, terrorists, illegals, socialists, communists, welfare frauds, and all anti-American, military-hating progressives.

In other words, we have the leftists’ asses…covered!

As the ad suggest, use our patented applicator…your hand, then grab a healthy heapin’ helpin’ of OBB, then apply LIBERALLY.

Check out a few of our testimonials:


After the election, I checked myself into rehab. While there, one of the orderlies gave me some Obama Butt Balm. It saved my life.

I rubbed Obama Butt Balm liberally all over myself, and I instantaneously felt better. In fact, when I was finished, I found my balls in a sofa cushion in the rec room.

I check out of rehab, and life now has meaning.

PS: my wife loves Obama Butt Balm too. She rubbed it on her breasts and they were immediately more perky.


I was in deep pain after Hillary’s loss. It was so unexpected. I felt punched in the gut. I got some Obama Butt Balm and I haven’t been happier. In fact, Make America Great Again!


I worked on the Bernie campaign. After he gave up, I switched to Hillary. I had no idea we would get brutalized like we did. The next day, I looked like I’d been run over by a train. A friend recommended Obama Butt Balm. I used it and WOW! Aside from the side-effect of my new afro, I’m loving it!

Be sure to get you some Obama Butt Balm while supplies last!



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