Nancy Pelosi Appears Dazed and Confused at Event [VIDEO]

Nancy Pelosi Appears Dazed and Confused at Event [VIDEO]

While Pelosi struggles to maintain control over the Democratic Party, her health is seemingly failing.

A recent New York City appearance was rattled with brain freezes.

Pelosi's failing health #kevinjacksonIt was at the 92nd street Y where Pelosi kept stopping mid-sentence. She would stare off into space. After a few moments lost in oblivion, she’d go on speaking.

As the American Mirror reports:

Speaking about her father, Pelosi said, “He was part of a group called the Berkson Group and they did rallies and pageants and parades and um, and when he stood up on the floor of Congress, ‘I stand here as a representative of the—” she said before halting and staring at the audience.

Then she resumed, “members of the Jewish army.”

Moments later, while she was talking about planning an agenda after losing four special elections, she said, “For us, we have to make sure that our members—-participate in that.”

While urging liberals to tell their Obamacare story, Pelosi said, “At least go to Facebook, Twitter, whatever— Instagram— any platform that you want.”

A short time later, she froze as she was talking about the Republican healthcare overhaul bill.

“Home care— some, you know, people are at home but they still get care from, uh— from Medicaid,” she said, after momentarily staring at the audience and seemingly groping for words.

She added, “It will have a tremendous impact on what families can do for their children—” she said, continuing to motion with her hands with no words being said, before finally saying, “with relationship to what they need to do.”

Pelosi is already the laughing stock of the Democrat Party.

And as we’ve learned, many liberals are plotting a mutiny against the House Minority Leader.

As Ed Kilgore writes:

Pelosi is the longest-serving Democratic House leader since Sam Rayburn, who has a House office building named after him. Unlike House Republicans, who have since 1995 maintained term limits for committee chairs and ranking committee members, House Democrats have never instituted the practice of limiting any sort of leadership positions (mostly because they felt it would disproportionately affect minority members who were just beginning to ascend in the seniority system).

But with respect to their top position, they might want to adopt informal, if not formal, term limits. Pelosi has served two different stints in the minority. If Democrats win back the House in 2018, she will have held the Speaker’s gavel twice. That is more than enough for anybody.

However, the recent Republican win in Georgia is a sign that people are not unhappy with Trump’s work. Therefore, Democrats are unlikely to win back the House next year.

Is Pelosi worth the trouble?

Considering Pelosi’s failing health, is she worth the headache anymore? Last week, the defeated minority leader, tired of Trump winning, held a press conference. She told cameras: “I think I’m worth the trouble.” But her effort to rally the party behind her might fall flat.

The only reason leftists keep her around is because she’s a money maker.

According to The New York Times, Pelosi has raised nearly US$568 million for her party since entering the House Democratic leadership in 2002. When Hillary bombed, Pelosi, still raised more than $141 million. Those are some pretty big numbers. And leftists love money, so now we understand why they keep her around as a figurehead. They don’t mind looking stupid when she’s providing the dough.

For years, we’ve joked that Pelosi was senile. Either that, or she’s crazy like a fox, given her ability to create wealth as a Democrat.

All jokes aside, Pelosi appears to suffer from dementia. Thus, Democrats rightfully scheme to remove her. Because if left to her own devices, could unwittingly expose some of the Democrats’ dirty secrets.


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