Is Sean Spicer Moving Up or Moving Out?

Is Sean Spicer Moving Up or Moving Out?

The White House announced recently that Sean Spicer is taking on a new role in the Trump Administration.

The move has been advertised as a promotion. However, insiders wonder if Spicer is getting the boot.

Spicer moving #KevinJacksonThey back these claims with the fact that Spicer is interviewing for his replacement.

According to Business Insider:

“Spicer should be elevated and if he’s not, I would not blame him for leaving,” a White House official told Politico. “The president owes him this much for all he’s done for him. Sean is indispensable and I think the president knows that.”

Bloomberg, which also reported the news that Spicer might move into a different role, noted that no final decisions have been made.

Some reporters, including The New York Times’ White House correspondent, Maggie Haberman, reacted with surprise to the news that Spicer has been tasked with finding his own replacement.

Maggie Haberman of the New York Times finds the move to find one’s own replacement odd. She tweeted:

“The singular weirdness of a press secretary helping to find his replacement in this way is something else”

Finding his replacement may actually sell the ruse.

The fact is, when Trump appoints his staffers, he in effect makes them CEO of that element of the organization.

The expectation is that each leader lessens the president’s workload, not increase it. Spicer adds to the president’s plate.

So much so, before the announcement, Kevin Jackson predicted Spicer to be on his way out in his role as press secretary:

Only Ronald Reagan handled the media better than Trump.

One would think that Trump’s shellacking of Hillary Clinton in 2016 against all odds would have made the media back down a bit. Trump offered multiple olive branches to the media, yet they declined almost every time.

So you can see why the job of press secretary is critical.

Trump needs a pure warrior. But he needs a warrior who can deftly put the media in their place while making Trump look good.

This requires knowing Trump and possessing the ability to read between the lines. Most importantly, the press secretary must keep the media guessing. Don’t allow them to draw conclusions that could reflect poorly on Trump. The press should always be the whipping boys.

Jackson’s comments were based on a tweet from from President Trump when Spicer was seen to be on the ropes:

“Well, he’s doing a good job, but he gets beat up…”

Trump gives beatings, he doesn’t take them.

And he doesn’t expect his staff to take them as well.

The president invested much in clipping the wings of the press. He won’t let that be squandered by anybody who can’t keep the press begging for buttermilk.

That said, it’s clear to the astute that President Trump understands the optics of “You’re fired.”

He can’t simply let Spicer go, nor does he want to. In fact, the new role of Spicer may be mutual. But make not mistake about it, Spicer was fired from his existing role. Because of his loyalty, he will be given a chance at a new role. In this role, he’d better knock it out of the park or you will see that Spicer was given the desk closest to the door.

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