CAUGHT: Hypocrite Democrat “Pauses” PAYOFFS from Big Pharma

CAUGHT: Hypocrite Democrat “Pauses” PAYOFFS from Big Pharma

Earlier this year, Dem Senator Corey Booker vexed Democrats.

Booker allied himself with Senate Republicans to kill a measure to import cheaper drugs from Canada.

Like the Republicans who helped kill the bill, Booker was Big Pharma. They bought Booker with only  a quarter mil over the past six years. Oh, and the promise of more.

So what’s a hypocritical Hillary-lapdog like Booker to do when Dems complain he’s been outed? He “paused” his donations.

Anybody think we will know when he hits the “play” button again?

As reported by the Intercept, in his interview with NPR, Booker didn’t say he was giving any of the big pharma money back. As Booker said, he’s putting a “pause on even receiving contributions from pharma companies, because it arouses so much criticism . . . .”

In the twisted world of leftists, Booker worked against the drug reimportation bill. Then, he backtracked and co-sponsored the same type of bill with Bernie Sanders after getting trashed on social media for his vote against it the first time.

Note the media didn’t cause Booker to backtrack.

That would require the media to do its job. Social media raised the flag. Yet, the media wonders why nobody pays attention to them.

Despite his duplicitous nature, Booker considers himself as a progressive hero.

He rescues puppies and comforts damsels in distress…as long as they don’t need cheaper medicines.

To fight against the forces of evil would require that Booker not side with evil. He would also need to order a backbone, and stop suckling the breast of Hillary Clinton for “mama’s milk.”

Fat chance of that happening. Booker has learned from the best.

Ironically, after taking a bunch of money from big pharma, and returning that favor with a vote for pharm-friendly legislation, Booker proclaimed:

We need to open up transparency and do a lot of things that a lot of these folks who are profiting off the backs of the sick are not going to like…”

What Booker did exemplifies why Americans voted in Donald Trump.

Booker was bought, and for pennies on the dollar. A few hundred thousand dollars over years is all it took for this Democrat to sell out America.

As we debate Obamacare, simple fixes are ignored. Things like allowing insurance companies to compete nationally would reduce the cost of healthcare immediately. Lowering the cost of prescription drugs would do the same. Why should Canadians (and the rest of the world) get their medicines subsidized by Americans?

As President Trump would say, “America FIRST!”


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