President Trump DARES Obama to Worldwide Fight [VIDEO]

President Trump DARES Obama to Worldwide Fight [VIDEO]

It’s easy to see that President Trump continues to settle into his role.

I’m sure at first he found the presidency daunting. But then he remembered who he replaced.

Talk about inheriting a mess. But the good news is the only way for President Trump to go is up.

And that’s just what he’s doing at home and abroad.

By now, most people have seen Trump put Obama on blast. In this video he points out that if Obama were serious about dealing with the Russians, he would have done so back in Aug.

But Trump’s statement says a lot more than the obvious.

Certainly, if Obama felt the Russian hacking allegations were serious, he would have canceled a couple of golf outings to get his people on it. They certainly weren’t looking into veterans dying on a waiting list.

But I digress.

The bigger issue here is that President Trump had no qualms blaming Obama. Trump set the record straight on Russia, while pounding Obama for all the world to see.

For more Republicans, Obama remains a god. For Trump however, Obama is far from being a god.

And he has no problem telling the world that Obama was an incompetent piker, who left the office before quitting time every day.

Obama couldn’t wait to get out of the Oval Office to live his “rock star” existence. He even began to believe the nonsense about himself. How else could a man watch his party lose over 1000 seats, and still feel relevant?

Only a pure narcissist wouldn’t have kicked his own ass for a record like that.

Why Republicans have been too chicken to call Obama out is beyond any sane individuals. America needed to know the truth about Obama, and so does the world.

Who can forget Obama’s first trip abroad where he was greeted by hundreds of thousands of people. This greeting happened in almost all countries. It didn’t take long however for the luster to fade. And that’s where Obama remains.

The man runs all over the world searching for relevance. Unfortunately for him, he will find none. Trump’s reputation foreshadows everything Obama does. Further, Trump is a true leader and warrior.

Time will prove me correct. The day will come when Obama hits the mat for the last time, and Trump’s hand is raised.

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