Bye-Bye Little Debbie: The Dems Are Done

Bye-Bye Little Debbie, The Dems Are Done

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is still tangled up in the massive IT scandal.

Now Schultz’ employment of the Awan brothers is the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

When we first broke the news of the Muslim spies employed by Congress, people were shocked by the details. The Awan brothers made a living as IT Scammers. They appeared on the payrolls of several ranking democrats. However, once the scandal came to light- most dems dropped the brothers like hot potatoes.

Yet, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz refused to believe the brothers committed any crimes. But, as we explained back in February:

These Muslims were stealing data and computers while over-billing for their services. Further, these overpaid staffers received $100,000 from an Iraqi politician through the House of Representatives computer network.

The brothers had a trail of problems behind them. From unpaid loans and stolen car scams to DWI’s and real estate fraud- these brothers were robbing Americans blind. Meanwhile, they sent bucket loads of money to Pakistan.

Their best scam, perhaps, was being on so many democrat payrolls. Many leftists didn’t like the public humiliation of such associations. Recall when most libs went on record to distance themselves. As we noted:

In Texas, Rep. Joaquin Castro made it clear that Jamal’s employment is terminated. Rep. Sandy Levin employed Abid, but has since removed him from the payroll. In other words, the Democrats who employed these criminals are ducking for cover.

Debbie Was In Too Deep

Too bad Schulz didn’t see when to pull the plug. Now, the Dems ready themselves to drop Debbie like a bad habit. No, Schulz won’t be part of the rebranding. In fact, party members are calling for Debbie to step down once and for all.

Recall their reaction to Schulz not long ago, according to the Washington Free Beacon:

Schultz resigned from her post as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee one year ago, after leaked emails revealed she and other party officials were trying to sabotage Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I., Vt.) campaign. She was infamously booed by activists, who shouted “shame” at her during a Florida delegation breakfast speech.

More importantly, Schultz’s response to the scandal — that Awan was the victim of racism from the police — has angered her former friends in the Democratic Party.

Exactly how do you cry “racism” when a Muslim infiltrator is arrested for stealing government information, over-billing the government for services, and smashing government hard-drives is a form of racism?

How many Americans would have loved this gig?

The Awans collected well over $4 million in just a few years. Even employees who never physically showed up for work were raking in salaries of $165,000 a year. Once the police retrieved some of the stolen computers, DWS interfered in the police investigation and tried to obstruct justice with threats towards the police chief. Clearly, she’s hiding a lot of secrets. However, she’ll call the cops racists to deflect for a moment.

Recently, TBS asked the question of whether the Awans blackmailed DWS. Because, her need to protect them defies common sense. But others question Schulz’ move as well.

Nikki Barnes, a member of the Florida DNC, said Schultz’s statement made no sense.

“This adds to Debbie being re-branded as the Democrats’ disastrous destruction,” Barnes said. “Those of us on the DNC know we have to rebrand ourselves and earn the people’s trust. And unfortunately, Debbie’s name does not scream trust. It screams power. It screams limited access. Further, it screams WikiLeaks now. DNC lawsuit. It screams a lot of negative things to the public. That’s not how we want to rebrand ourselves.”

Desperate Dems

Of course, ditching Debbie is a smart idea. However, it’s not going to produce the results the Democrats desperately seek, as they have major problems brewing.

What’s their platform going to be? Who’s going to sell it? And will they ever recover from being Trumped?

When leftists call one of their own a symbol of corruption, the writing is on the wall. America finally sees some justice for the decades of political corruption of the Democrats.

Former Governor of Minnesota and president of the Minnesota Foundation R.T. Ryback said,

“Debbie Wasserman Schultz is still a national figure, but unfortunately for her it’s because so many people around the country see her as playing a devastatingly bad role in the last election…I can mention her name in Minneapolis and it gets a viscerally negative reaction, and I’ve found that to be the case in other parts of the country, too. Sadly, I think she deserves the negative reputation.”

Another prominent Democrat has been tossed from the ship.


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