Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough praised President Trump in an unexpected statement.

After Scarborough called Trump’s team “pretty damn strong,” the question is- will the media start showing some support? 

That might be too much to hope for. However, Scarborough admitted that Trump’s lineup is an all-star list.

According to the Daily Caller:

“With H.R. McMaster where he is, with John Kelly where he is, with Gen. Mattis where he is, this president for all of the problems that you and I agree on — but this president right now has a pretty damn strong foreign policy team assembled,” Scarborough said.

The Morning Joe host interviewed former Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul about Trump’s foreign policy strategy, and McFaul said, “This is a strong team right now with the right views I think, on a lot of foreign policy issues at a very dangerous time.”

“We need the best and the brightest running the show right now,” the former ambassador added.

Scarborough and McFaul praised Trump for getting the UN Security Council to deliver a unanimous vote for sanctions against North Korea, calling it a surprising step in the right direction.

While some staffers are the result of recent changes, others have been around since the beginning. For example, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is a Trump Administration superstar. McFaul praised her for bringing China and Russia into the fold for the pivotal vote.

“You rightly saluted him for a 15-0 vote against North Korea on sanctions,” Scarborough said. “That was quite an accomplishment.”

Trump’s Foreign Policy Should Embarrass Obama

We’re not even through year one with Trump. Already, he’s knocking down ISIS. He’s looked for solutions in the Middle East. Furthermore, Trump is fighting terrorism at home and abroad. The Trump Administration was able to get the Palestinians to stop paying terrorists. That’s something Obama should have done, but never could manage.

Now, Trump’s sending strong messages to North Korea and the President isn’t just talk. He’s got the UN in his pocket.

If Obama wasn’t freeing terrorists from prison, he was paying them off. Because of him, America spent 8 years in grave danger.

Honestly, liberals should be humiliated every time they turn on the news and see another Trump accomplishment. However, with each deal Trump makes, leftists are forced to see Trump is the real deal. Unlike his predecessor.


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