Trump Effect: West Virginia’s Governor Leaves The Democratic Party

Trump Effect: West Virginia’s Governor Leaves The Democratic Party

As Democrats continue to torpedo their brand more Democrats are wising up and jumping ship.

West Virginia’s Democratic governor Jim Justice announced at president Trumps rally that he would be leaving the Democratic Party and switch his affiliation to Republican.

“Today, I will tell you, with lots of prayers and lots of thinking, today I tell you as West Virginians, I can’t help you anymore being a Democrat governor,” Justice said. “So tomorrow, I will be changing my registration to Republican.”

“It’s time to run another play,” he said, before telling the crowd that his parents were “staunch Republicans” and were looking down on him from heaven thinking, “it’s about damn time you came to your senses.”

While I’m happy to see Democrats do the right thing, I am simultaneously skeptical about their motives. After all, the man has been a Democrat for a long time.

That said, there is something to say about the Trump Effect.

Trump’s message resonates. Despite the fake news polls, Democrats all over America can see the results of Trump’s leadership. Even if Trump had no tangible results, his presence creates a tsunami of good emotions. The good news, no great news is that Trump’s policies yield spectacular results.

Governor Justice realizes that if he is to keep his position and offer real change to his citizens, he must offer them something more then anti- trump rhetoric. In West Virginia, the citizens feel the impact of jobs.

What Democrats and all Americans have tired of is empty rhetoric. The Democrats’ message was an empty as Obama’s suits.

In fact, we recently reported the Democrats’ problem finding a message:

NY House Dem Caucus Chairman Joe Crawley explains:

 “That message is being worked on. We’re doing everything we can to simplify it, but at the same time provide the meat behind it as well. So that’s coming together now.”

 And as the AP noted,

 “The admission from the No. 4 House Democrat — that his party lacks a clear, core message even amid Republican disarray — highlights the Democrats’ dilemma eight months after President Donald Trump and the GOP dominated last fall’s elections, in part, because Democrats lacked a consistent message.”

 And now the Democrats have come up with a new slogan: “better skills, better jobs, better wages.”

Well, that sounds nice, but in reality all it sounds like is a watered down version of what president Trump ran on: Make America Great Again.

Trump is more than mere words. Trump’s slogan is how he feels. And that’s why the leftists can’t seem to find their message.

The Washington Examiner appears to agree:

 “A new national agenda put forth by Democrats is receiving, at best, a lukewarm reception among journalists and major news publications.

Congressional Democrats on Monday officially announced their “Better Deal” platform, a set of goals for better-paying jobs, readily available healthcare and increased regulation on large corporate businesses.

 The agenda is an apparent effort by Democrats to refocus the party on policy proposals instead of serving as simply an opposition to the Trump administration, but some in the national media said it fell flat.

 Referring to the platform’s targeting big business monopolies, the New York Times editorial board said it “seems more populist talking point than legislative possibility.” The paper also expressed skepticism about whether Democrats were serious in their proposal or simply planning to use it for the midterm elections.

 “If Democrats believe their ideas will provide middle-class people with better jobs, wages and futures,” said the Times, “they should do everything possible to move them through Congress, and worry later about who gets credit.”

Welfare and entitlements don’t create “better skills, better jobs and better wages.” The best way to accomplish better is to struggle and learn. Hone one’s skills, until you are proficient. The people who strive for better are not concerned about a fake “livable” wage. One man’s definition of livable is another man’s hell.

Even when Democrats are pressed on how to accomplish their new slogan they give platitudes. Unless the Left robs taxpayers, they can offer nothing. Every promise they make comes with a price. America can no longer afford that price.

The Left have been rendered useless. Democrats got their pompous asses kicked because they remain out of touch, messageless. They ignored the soul of the nation, and now they pay the price.

So it’s easy to see why West Virginia’s Governor Justice made the switch. He won’t be the only one. A few months before election time, there will be many Democrat defectors, and not just politicians.

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