College ‘White Privilege’ Quiz and other White Privilege Nonsense

College ‘White Privilege’ Quiz and other White Privilege Nonsense

In the spirit of Lower Education disguised as Higher Ed, why not check people’s privilege?

As I’ve suggested, to believe one’s skin color gives one person privilege over another is ridiculous. 

The concept of “white privilege” runs rampant throughout wackademia, and now it permeates society with actual conferences dedicated to this insanity. The people who attend are wackademics or bureaucrats soaking up tax dollars as universities, corporations, and government agencies send their white people for indoctrination and ridicule.

The idea of “white guilt” is patently racist, as it implies that white people are better than non-whites by birth. When did all white people become fricking “royals?” I know a lot of white people, and I conclude that not a single one of them is better than I. And I no better than they.

However, my feelings don’t permeate silly society, as the College Fix points out.

Students in a sociology class at San Diego State University can earn extra credit if they take a quiz to determine their level of “white privilege.”

Professor Dae Elliott offered the option to her sociology class students, a “White Privilege Checklist” that includes 20 questions that aim to illustrate that “racial privilege is one form of privilege.”

Remember the millionaire white rapper who raps about, you guessed it: white privilege?

According to Western Free Press, a white rapper is upset about his own white privilege.

Macklemore is the stage name of a white rapper from Seattle named Ben Haggerty. He and his publicists are currently trying to convince the hip-hop press and the music media to notice the greatness of his new nine-minute song “White Privilege II.”

The entertainment industry’s white self-flagellation has entered a new phase. Actually, this is a regular part of the Macklemore routine, presenting himself as a guilty white dude transgressing on black cultural territory. When he won a Grammy in 2014 for his hit “Thrift Shop,” he sent a text message to black rapper Kendrick Lamar: “You got robbed. I wanted you to win. You should have,” which he then posted to his Instagram account. “It’s weird and sucks that I robbed you.”

This matches the lyrics to his first “White Privilege” song. He asked: “Where’s my place in a music that’s been taken by my race? Culturally appropriated by the white face? He added: “we still owe ’em 40 acres / now we’ve stolen their 16 bars.”

Which apparently is OK when he does it.

What Macklemore is doing is a typical Leftist tactic, and that is to admit his issue publicly so that he can continue to profit from it. By admitting his “white privilege,” he can now gain sympathy for it.

And what about the “white privilege” that can be solved by a Seattle soda tax?

Leftists are known for their stupid  “innovative” way of addressing the problems they create.

So there was no surprise when the mayor of Seattle chose this method to fight “white privilege.”

Ed Murray may be remembered as Seattle’s worst mayor. Currently, allegations are that he sexually abused young men. But that’s not what drew Rush Limbaugh’s attention.

Limbaugh commented:

But, you know, this is just the tip of the iceberg. This guy… You want to talk about a kook? This guy is a full-fledged, unadulterated, undiluted, raw kook. I hold here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a story from Reason magazine: “Seattle Mayor Proposes Soda Tax to Fight White Privilege.” A soda tax — like Coke, Pepsi, whatever — to fight white privilege.

“Determined to silence local critics who have suggested he isn’t America’s most progressive mayor, Seattle’s Ed Murray has packed so much conflicted social justice into a simple soda tax no one in [Seattle] is quite sure what to make of it. After it was suggested to him his proposed two-cents-an-ounce tax on soda sweetened with sugar…” Let me go at this a different way. This guy suggested, proposed a two-cents-an-ounce tax on soda sweetened with sugar.

Get your AUTHENTIC Certificate of Forgiveness here. And if you don’t feel guilty, get one for a guilty Leftist.



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