St. Louis Board of Aldermen Honor a Heroin Dealer [VIDEO]

St. Louis Board of Aldermen Honor a Heroin Dealer [VIDEO]

Just when I think black Leftists can’t get any sillier, they surprise me.

As the Democrats say, “Let no crisis go to waste.” Thus, the exoneration of Officer Jason Stockley opened the door for Leftists to pretend they care about black men.

Anthony Lamar Smith died back in 2011, but can you guess how many black men have been killed in St. Louis since then? Hundreds. And the Board of Aldermen said nothing. Neither has newly elected St. Louis Mayor, Democrat Lyda Krewson.

This year to date, St. Louis has had 144 homicides, the majority of them blacks killing other blacks. But the mayor who chastised police over the Smith death, has said nothing of the deaths of the 144 people who have died thus far on her watch. You can bet she dare not hold blacks responsible for killing other blacks, when she can “pat pat” the silly Negroes of St. Louis.

In this photo, Lyda Krewson hugs the mother of Smith after the St. Louis Board of Alderman voted to honor a heroin dealer.

Here’s how STL Today reported the event:

As city officials passed a resolution in remembrance of Anthony Lamar Smith on Friday, his mother, Annie, and her husband looked on.

Smith was 24 years old when he was fatally shot in 2011 by Jason Stockley, a former St. Louis police officer whose recent acquittal of first-degree murder charges has sparked a week of protests throughout the city.

To look at how the Left reports this, Smith was a solid citizen struck down wantonly as he did good works. They certainly don’t paint the picture of a heroin dealer’s attempt to make a deal, and his attempt to kill a cop in the commission of his crimes.

The article continues,

“(Smith’s) death has sparked a universal cry for justice and accountability throughout the City of St. Louis,” reads the resolution, which bears the name of all 28 aldermen.

First a shrine to thief and attempted cop-killer Michael Brown, Jr, now this.

How low are white people willing to go to curry favor with idiot black Leftists? Something tells me we haven’t hit rock bottom.

As for black Leftists, they are laughing stock who never disappoint.

To “honor” a heroin dealer diminishes the good work of every black throughout history who fought for the rights of blacks. Does anybody think Frederick Douglas or Booker T. Washington fought for this nonsense.

What signal does this send to young black children? Get killed by a cop and get enshrined, even if you’re a societal menace.

How many awards like this do you think the mayor will give to a white heroin dealer? Or what about an attempted cop-killer? I see no monuments or shrines to such men.

Black Leftists have disgusted me for decades. These race and poverty pimps are who they are. But these so-called well-meaning white enablers really piss me off. They give things to blacks that whites themselves never would accept. I’m convinced that they know these platitudes don’t work. But since when does a Leftists care about positive results?



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