The Trump administration continues its wrecking ball approach to all things Obama.

In yet another move, President Trump signals a return to American greatness. In what should be considered a common sense move, the military will actually get to engage the enemy.

The Daily Caller reports General Mattis’ latest announcement about the military in Afghanistan:

“Secretary of Defense James Mattis has changed the rules of engagement in Afghanistan, in effect unleashing troops to fire on the Taliban without first having to be in physical contact.

Mattis said Tuesday at hearings before the House and Senate that the White House had given him new authority to change the rules of engagement, which he has already made use of by letting U.S. troops fire on the Taliban regardless of physical proximity, Military Times reports.

Such a change is not entirely unexpected, as President Donald Trump said in an Aug. 21 speech that he would “expand authorities” for U.S. troops in the region, though at the time he didn’t elaborate on what precisely that would look like.

“We will also expand authorities for American armed forces to target the terrorists and criminal networks that sow violence and chaos throughout Afghanistan,” Trump said during a speech. 

During the Era of Obama, the rules of engagement essentially made eunuchs of the military. Rifles with no bullets? Please.

Obama’s military plan allowed the Taliban to gain more territory as our military were prohibited from getting in front of the problem.

According to Breitbart:

“Obama only allowed U.S. troops to respond to the Taliban in a defensive, reactive kind of manner, rather than offensively — ordering them to wait for a situation to develop rather than getting in front of it.

The former president took away the U.S. military’s authority to offensively attack the Afghan Taliban after he declared the U.S. combat mission in Afghanistan over at the end of 2014.”

So what was the point?

Why not just get the military men and women guarding our nation red-tipped plastic guns and we can feign safety like TSA at the airport?

Clearly, Obama knows less than nothing about the military. He was an incompetent leader, and his defensive posture in hot military zones is incredible to say the least.

Under Obama the strength of our military decreased dramatically.

The strategic goal in the U.S. military is to be able to fight two wars at the same time. But according to a report by the Heritage Foundation that goal would not have been fulfilled if things continue along the path of the Obama administration.

Under Obama our military was ranked as weak.

The Marines, Air Force, Navy and our nuclear ability was ranked as a marginal. In the Army’s case the report states that they were only 1/3 prepared if a war were to break out.

The Air Force faced a shortage of 700 pilots as their planes were in desperate need of repair. In some cases the report states that they were actually using outdated parts to repair needed repairs on the airplanes. Additionally, the Navy operated with outdated assets and barely had the ability to meet wartime demands. In the case of The Marines, they only had 2/3 the combat units it needed for war.

You have to wonder if Obama’s intentions were to weaken the military. His actions certainly indicate that he attempted to gut the military.

It’s one thing to dislike war. But to willfully dismantle our fighting force? Then, to set rules of engagement that gets people killed is not what most expect from a Commander in Chief.

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