Letters from Obama Released: Show Lost Obama Trying to Find His Way

Letters from Obama Released: Show Lost Obama Trying to Find His Way

Now the Left want to reveal more about Little Lost Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama?

These Leftist lunatics didn’t want to know anything before the lost sheep became president. But now they are curious.

In the summation of the newly released letters from Barry, we learn that Obama was as mixed up in college as he was as president.

According to MSN,

A young Barack Obama questioned his place in the world and his racial identity, agonized over whether he’d make enough money as a community organizer, and lamented his incompatibility with his ex-girlfriend in 30 pages of letters he wrote to her that are now being archived by Emory University in Atlanta.

The nine full letters, sent by Obama to his college girlfriend, Alexandra McNear, are being made public to researchers through Emory University’s Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives and Rare Book Library. The university has had the letters since 2014 but could only make them public now, officials said.

Holy Mother of Weinstein, why the delay?

Can you imagine the rancor from the press had some university held back information on Donald Trump’s letters?

And I love the fact that Obama is lauded for his continual “racial identity” issue. This humors me, given that black Leftists accuse me of being “not black,” when I have NO issues with racial identity.

Ironically, Barack Obama still has issues with racial identity. While he loves being considered black, the man wants no significant part of the “black” world. In fact, one could easily argue that Obama prefers the “white world”.

And you can bet, if he were a Republican, the media and all other Leftists would point out this inconsistency.

The article continues,

Written in the 1980s, the letters give a peek into Obama’s psyche as he sought out the path that would eventually land him in the White House as the United States’ first black president, Emory University officials said Wednesday.

“My ideas aren’t as crystallized as they were while in school, but they have an immediacy and weight that may be more useful if and when I’m less observer and more participant,” Obama wrote in 1984 to McNear, who was a student at a California college attended by Obama had attended before moving to Columbia.

Obama had no dreams of being president at that time. He was still “experimenting” with old white men, and snorting coke.

He did have dreams of gaining political clout. Having older white men “pleasure him” likely made the man feel powerful. Nevertheless, his sexual conquests notwithstanding, Soetoro-turned-Obama never dreamed he would be president at that time.

The idea would come later, around the time he actually finagled his way into Congress.

Once Obama realized how the game of politics was played, he plotted that course as meticulously as a Swiss watch maker fabricates a precision timepiece.

According to the article, the letters were written from 1982 to 1984. Obama attended at Columbia University in New York City, and visited Indonesia. Finally, he word at Business International Corporation, and described “everyone slapping my back,” in a job for which he had no passion.

It’s clear that Obama realized that his role as a community organizer was only temporary. Who wants to live on those wages.

“Salaries in the community organizations are too low to survive on right now, so I hope to work in some more conventional capacity for a year, allowing me to store up enough nuts to pursue those interests next,” Obama wrote in 1983.

In typical narcissistic fashion, Obama seems focused only on himself.

“I think of you often, though I stay confused about my feelings,” Obama wrote to McNear in 1983. “It seems we will ever want what we cannot have; that’s what binds us; that’s what keeps us apart.”

Emory Professor Gillispie notes that the letters aren’t all angst.

Obama — “clearly a person of the mind,” she said, — once ripped out a New York Times book review of Rachel M. Brownstein’s book, “Becoming a Heroine” and sent it McNear, something that amused the professor.

“This is part of his courtship strategy. Okay … Who rips out book reviews to send to their girlfriend?” Gillispie laughed. “I think it is a sign of his proto-feminism but it is -more of a ‘Wow, this is really cerebral relationship’ but I personally like the idea of a cerebral relationship. I’m a nerd too, so the nerd in me was like, ‘That was real cool.'”

Even the good professor recognizes Barry’s bi-sexuality, she labels “proto-feminism”. Expect many more euphemisms for Obama’s antics, as the Left crawl inside the brain of a mad man.

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