Trump KILLS ISIS Recruiter known as ‘White Widow’

Trump KILLS ISIS Recruiter known as ‘White Widow’

The tide is changing. Terrorists are no longer in control, thanks to the backbone of our president.

This morning great news emerges on the international front.

First, we learned that the family of Caitlin Coleman has been freed. The Taliban captured the family in 2012. And as you might have guessed, Obama failed repeatedly to rescue them. Where Obama failed, President Trump succeeded. The release of the Coleman family proves that the world respects America again.

But, the good news doesn’t stop there.

Reports emerge about another terrorist meeting her doom. America has returned to the pre-Obama policy: President Trump doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. Instead, he wipes them off the face of the earth. Such was the case for the White Widow.

As Fox News reports:

Sally “White Widow” Jones – one of the most notorious Islamic terrorists born in Britain – has been killed in a U.S. strike in Syria, U.S. authorities told their British counterparts.
Jones, 50, a mother of two, who used to be a punk rock artist but later converted to Islam and fled to Syria to become a top recruiter for the Islamic State group, was reportedly killed in June during a drone strike near the border between Syria and Iraq.

“The Americans zapped her trying to get away from Raqqa. Quite frankly, it’s good riddance,” a British source familiar with the strike told the Sun, which first reported Jones’ death.


A Mother’s Love

Let’s see if the Left pulls the “gender card” now that the military targeted a woman. The punk rock singer-turned-ISIS-recruiter has victimized many young women, getting them to become sex slaves to jihadis, but that’s not even close to her biggest sin.

Jones used her 12-year-old son in her wicked games. In one propaganda video, the boy shot an ISIS hostage in the back of the head.

Further, as Fox explained:

The woman reportedly used her son as a human shield during skirmishes with anti-ISIS forces. She was last seen fleeing Raqqa following the liberation by U.S-backed military forces.

Most mothers wouldn’t think twice about sacrificing her life for that of her child. But not Jones. She used her child to protect her life and take out innocent people. And this is the type of person with whom Obama would negotiate.

Trump Targets Terrorists

The Trump administration quickly ditched all Obama strategies for dealing with terrorism. Now, the tide turns. Just last week more than 1,000 ISIS troops surrendered to coalition forces.

For years, all the world heard was news of ISIS taking control of one region and destroying another. However, since President Trump took office, you’ve heard little. Now, ISIS finds itself on the run, leaving the media with nothing to report but ISIS tales of losses and defeat.

The latest humiliation for ISIS came in the battle to take back Hawija, the last stronghold.

The battle to take Hawija began along the Tigris River west of the town. Iraqi security forces, including the Federal Police, the 9th armored division, 16th infantry division, elite counter-terrorism forces (ISOF), and units of the Hashd al-Shaabi, or Shia militias, all attacked ISIS from positions near Sharqat. With overwhelming force and tens of thousands of forces backed by armored vehicles and US-led Coalition airpower, the Iraqis proceeded to decimate ISIS.”

For approximately three weeks, the coalition launched 52 airstrikes to help shape the battlefield and force ISIS into a position from which they would fall. The importance of this tactical move is epic, as ISIS relinquished the territory. They’ve been downgraded to a terrorist insurgency. Their eventual defeat is all but guaranteed.

Recently, Rex Tillerson alluded to the impending victory when he declared ISIS to be in the throes of death. In fact, Tillerson said: “ISIS’ fraudulent caliphate in Iraq and Syria is on the brink of being completely extinguished, thanks to an aggressive new strategy led by the President.”

In other words, Trump isn’t a wienie, so now we can go back to winning. Because of this recent victory, more than 4 million Iraqis and 16,000 square feet were liberated.

The added loss of the White Widow further cripples ISIS.

Liberals turn a blind eye to progress in the name of “Trump bashing”. However, without Jones, it will be much harder to recruit women into terrorism. Once again our President made a promise, and he followed through with another step.





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