FOR A GOOD LAUGH: Leftists Weigh Top Democrat Candidates for 2020

FOR A GOOD LAUGH: Leftists Weigh Top Democrat Candidates for 2020

I’m not sure if this cast of misfits should be called Revenge of the Nerds or the cast of Cocoon.

Holy Mother of Methuselah, the Democrats are the Party of Rich Old Out of Touch White People.

In the last election cycle, the Republicans had 17 candidates; most of them stellar. On the other hand, in the Democrats’ rigged election cycle, they offered no viable candidates, and only two emerged from the pack of 5. Pressed, I doubt the average America could name even one of the other Democrats who ran, outside of crooked Hillary and sellout Sanders.

So in the next election cycle, predictions are that as many as 30 candidates will emerge for the party’s nomination. TBS has ridiculed their choices, beginning with Maxine Waters:

Waters was asked if she was in New Hampshire to test the waters for a run against President Trump in 2020, Waters, an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, said laughing,

“I’m not running for anything but my own seat. I don’t have any presidential aspirations. If the millennials want me to do it, I’d do it, though.”

I love her optimism. Apparently Democrats think they will live forever.

In 2020 Waters will be 82 years old. Considering her obvious dementia of being a Democrat, there are other signs. And things won’t be any better when Waters enters “Octogenaria.”

Sadly, ok laughably, 82 seems to be the median age for viable candidates on the Left. After decades of abuse of the American public, the Democratic Party has no farm team. The Left doesn’t seem to trust their youth to carry the torch. And who could blame them; have you seen their youth?

The Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter miscreants. A congress of those malcontents would smell like a funkfest of biblical proportions.

And if the Democrats do return to a black candidate, what about Oprah Winfrey? She’s a billionaire, a woman, and black!

We wrote of this possibility recently:

In response to Donald Trump’s so-called “populism,” and the fact that the Democrats’ political bench is older than Moses’ toes, the Democrats search far and wide for a challenger to Trump.

They can’t find anyone young, popular, and qualified among the establishment. So Democrats’ go to is to go outside the beltway straight to the world of weird – Hollyweird!

Hollyweirdos have egos the size of Alaska, and they play politicians. Play a politician in a role or sketch comedy? BINGO! Run for president.

Sometimes they don’t even need to play a role. Take Oprah Winfrey for example.

Prompted by David Rubenstein, Oprah Winfrey speculated on a potential run for the presidency. Winfrey theorized that since Trump didn’t have any political experience she qualified for president as well.

And if Oprah doesn’t want it, there’s always Al Franken.

We documented the potential for a President Franken earlier this year.

The Leftists have reached DefCon1 when it comes to desperation. They are touting junior Senator Al Franken (D-MN) as a possible 2020 contender against President Trump.

You may be waiting for the punchline, but this is no

Only a year or so ago, the Democrats trotted out their geriatrics as the Dream Team. Even as recent as a couple of months ago the Dems were reloading the clip with civil war relic bullets of Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. Why not dig up Teddy Kennedy and KKK member Robert Byrd for good measure.

Franken’s claim to fame, outside of being a former comedic hack? He’s fighting every Trump cabinet nominee. You see, that’s all it takes to be a heavy-hitter with the Democrats is to disagree with Trump. Thus, the lame-stream media has concluded that Franken is the heir-apparent for the presidency.

No Laughing Matter

National Journal recently declared:

“After years of shunning the spotlight in the Senate, Minnesota’s junior senator is in the limelight and would be a formidable candidate for the Democrats.”

They can’t even generate a clear thought. Did they mean, “a formidable candidate to run against Trump?” Or did they mean Franken can continue to torpedo the Democratic Party as Barack Obama did?

What could possibly have Democrats so excited about this pick?

Oh wait, he was on Saturday Night Live in the late 70’s, and then played himself (an idiot) in Trading Places.

What’s the other reason, National Journal is touting this Leftist moroniac?

“Al Franken isn’t a punch line in the Sen­ate any­more. He’s emerged as one of the Demo­crats’ most ag­gress­ive and ef­fect­ive ques­tion­ers of Pres­id­ent Trump’s Cab­in­et nom­in­ees.”  The Journal claims Franken is “one of the few Demo­crats will­ing to go full bore against his party’s top targets:  Jeff Sessions, Tom Price, and Betsy DeVos.

Now that Franken has Democrat “street cred” with his sexual abuse allegations, you can bet he’s moved up a few notches.

So this article listing the top contenders certainly interested me.

As The Hill reports,

And while it’s still too early to say who might come out on top, buzz is building around some potential candidates, even as other hopefuls fade to the background.

A year after a devastating 2016 defeat, Democrats are craving new faces with fresh ideas. Yet many of their leading contenders for the White House in 2020 are politicians who have been around for decades.

There’s also no clear standout in the potential field.

“You have a bunch of Celine Dions but there’s no Beatles,” said Phil Singer, a Democratic strategist who served as press secretary on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential run.

The fortunes of potential candidates can change quickly. Sen. Al Franken(D-Minn.), for example, was regarded just a few weeks ago as a potential dark horse candidate in 2020, but that changed instantly when sexual misconduct charges surfaced against him.

The Hill interviewed nearly a dozen prominent Democrats to find out who has captured the party’s attention in recent months and who has fallen out of favor.

Here’s how they see the field stacking up right now.

1. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

Advisers to the senator are telegraphing that Sanders is eying a 2020 run — and his network is already ready to go, with supporters convinced that he was the candidate who would have beaten President Trump in 2016.

“His people have never gone away,” said Democratic strategist Brad Bannon. “And he has a loyal core following out there that will be with him come hell or high water.”

Also working in Sanders’s favor, Bannon said, is the leftward shift of the Democratic Party.

“The Sanders wing is becoming the dominant wing of the party,” he said.

Still, strategists note that Sanders would be 79 in 2020, which could work against him at a time when Democrats are hungry for change.

2. Joe Biden

The former vice president’s book tour has kept him in the spotlight at a time when Democrats are nostalgic for the Obama years.

While playing it coy about his 2020 plans, Biden has consistently been talking about Democratic values and how the party can win back frustrated blue-collar workers who voted for Trump.

“He’s the perfect antidote to Trump,” said former Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.). “And he has broad appeal in areas of the country we have to win.”

Added Singer: “He probably has the best voice at this stage of the game.”

With sexual harassment back in the headlines however, Biden has faced new criticism recently for his treatment of Anita Hill, an attorney who accused her then-boss Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during hearings in 1991.

Hill told the Washington Post this week that Biden has yet to take “ownership” for how she was treated during the hearings; at the time, Biden was the Senate Judiciary chairman. Biden apologized recently, but Hill said it wasn’t enough.

If he chooses to run, Biden will also have to contend with his age. He’ll be 77 in 2020.

Be sure to check out the other candidates on the list.

Like their selection to head the DNC, the Democrats have no bench, and is the party of idiots and radicals. No wonder Hillary Clinton won’t go away.


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