Kaepernick Not the Only Person Threatening to SUE THE NFL

Kaepernick Not the Only Person Threatening to SUE THE NFL

The NFL is dying. And one of the key reason for its demise lies with Roger Goodell.

Yet the league debates whether or not they will respond to Goodell’s request to be paid a salary of $50 million.

The owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones feels Goodell doesn’t deserve his fat salary. Jones knows the damage done by Goodell first-hand, as his franchise has the most to lose. And it appears that if the NFL approves Goodell’s request, Jones plans to retaliate.

According to DML Daily:

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is pushing hard in his feelings about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Jones has threatened to sue the National Football League and several team owners if the league agrees to a new contract with Goodell.

During the 2013-2014 season, Goodell reportedly earned $44 million. Goodell is now seeking a $50 annual salary with access to a private jet for life.

Jones blames Goodell for the growing issues that come with the national anthem protests that have hurt the league’s brand and pushed TV ratings down.

But Jones is now facing a backlash from the NFL after he threatened to sue the league over the contract debate. 

 According to FOX News, the letter was reportedly sent to all 32 NFL owners, and it confirmed Jones had been booted as a non-voting member of the compensation committee due to his threats to sue.”

Say what you want about Jerry Jones, but the man is a fighter. Also, he knows business. And if the NFL is to survive and hopefully thrive, Jones believes this can only be accomplished without Goodell.

The Torpedoed Brand

Most football-loving America will agree that watching the sport used to be fun. During Thanksgiving, many families gather and play in the Turkey Bowl. And what of the Super Bowl parties and other traditions, as well as the rivalries, that had friends in various parts of America “talking trash” to one another about their favorite teams.

We enjoyed the sport, the athleticism. Those days seem like forever ago. This was before football became an arena for Leftist politics.

First, the sport changed all on its own. Supposedly football evolved to help the players sustain less injuries. Almost everybody welcomes that idea. However, pushed too far, the league ends up creating a sport nobody wants to watch.

Second, the politicization of the sport is rampant. The more egregious of this coming with Colin Kaepernick’s antics. Although the overwhelming majority of football players didn’t kneel, the fact that a few did caused problems.

The brand’s image has taken a huge hit. As ratings fall, tickets sales drop. Fans no longer bother showing up to stadiums. As far as franchises go, there is hardly a bigger one than the Dallas Cowboys.

According to Forbes the NFL’s most valuable team has been the Cowboys for the past 11 years straight.

“The Cowboys are the NFL’s most valuable team for the 11th straight year and the world’s most valuable sports franchise. America’s Team is worth $4.8 billion, up 14%, with profits of $350 million thanks

The Cowboys generate more than $150 million annually from sponsors. Owner Jerry Jones revolutionized the sponsorship template in the NFL two years after he purchased the team in 1993. He secured agreements with big brands Nike, Pepsi and American Express tied to his stadium, instead of the team, to get around the NFL’s control of sponsorships for clubs. Lawsuits flew before Jones settled with the NFL, and a new era was ushered in with teams actively selling sponsorships.”

Jones helped other owners with his innovative thinking. This translated to more money for players. In the end, the NFL benefited as well. They knew they could no longer take advantage of the owners, as Jones would look at every detail of his agreement.

And a lot of money is on the line, but it’s not Goodell’s money.

We have said this before about the NFL brand:

Sports was not supposed to be political, but that’s what it has evolved into. But this is more than about sports.

The NFL manufactures a product. They put the product out to the public mostly on Sundays, and now they offer a tainted product. We now reject that product. You can’t spit in our coffee and expect us to drink it, let alone pay for it.

President Trump’s declaration against the NFL is about business. The NFL and all other businesses should want to provide a superior product, and not social-engineering of America.

Football is a business; big business. And it’s not subject to the whims of a commissioner.

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