Obama Administration Turned FBI into KGB

Obama Administration Turned FBI into KGB

The Left hate to learn the truth about themselves.

For all the calls of President Trump being a dictator and a Nazi, the Left really tell you what Barack Obama was. And soon, they will no longer be able to hide from that fact.

The more we learn from the investigation by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller about the inner workings of Obama’s Department of Justice, the more we discover the absence of justice.

The FBI undoubtedly helped orchestrate what will soon be called the biggest political scandal in American history. We now know that the FBI exonerated Hillary Clinton, who was guilty of multiple crimes. Moreover, the FBI instigated the witch hunt by Mueller that has suddenly turned on the Left.

Yet, Newsweek reported on the FBI being called the KGB as “false”.

Hours after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified to Congress Wednesday that FBI special counsel Robert Mueller “is running [the Russia investigation] appropriately,” a Fox News guest compared the FBI to the KGB, the notorious, Soviet-era secret police force.

Is it true? Let’s see:


On Wednesday night, Tom Fitton, president of conservative organization Judicial Watch, took the rhetoric up a notch when he compared the FBI to the Soviet-era spy organization.

“I think the FBI has been compromised,” Fitton said on Fox News @ Night. “Forget about shutting down Mr. Mueller. Do we need to shut down the FBI because it was turned into a KGB-type operation by the Obama administration?”


As the investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Donald Trump campaign ratchets up, Republicans have taken every opportunity to portray the special counsel and his team as biased.

Recent reports of anti-Trump texts among the FBI team may even have lent a modicum of credibility to the bias claim.

Fitton’s leading question follows a similar segment on the conservative network a week earlier, when Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett said “the FBI has become America’s secret police” and compared the FBI to “the old KGB that comes for you in the dark of the night, banging through your door.”

Nice imagery. But Michael Jackson sang of the “smooth criminal”, which Obama represents to the hilt.

No more knocking down doors, when the NSA happily delivers information through unauthorized surveillance. Now we know who set the stage for the illegal FISA warrants that allowed the NSA, ergo the Clinton campaign to spy on Donald Trump.

Enter Peter Strzok. The minion doing all the dirty-work on behalf of the FBI and specifically James Comey. I wrote of the tortuous explanation by Comey of why he couldn’t indict Hillary Clinton, and it was Strzok who changed the language. However the plot recently thickened, when we learned how much more they did.

As Fox News reported,

Newly released documents obtained by Fox News reveal that then-FBI Director James Comey’s draft statement on the Hillary Clinton email probe was edited numerous times before his public announcement, in ways that seemed to water down the bureau’s findings considerably.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, sent a letter to the FBI on Thursday that shows the multiple edits to Comey’s highly scrutinized statement.

In an early draft, Comey said it was “reasonably likely” that “hostile actors” gained access to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email account. That was changed later to say the scenario was merely “possible.”

Sounds like the KGB to me. However, Newsweek couldn’t make the distinction:

So what was the KGB?

As defined by the Cold War Museum, “The KGB was the world’s largest spy and state-security machine, involved in all aspects of life of everyday people in the Soviet Union.” The KGB was governed by a specific directive, but it was never published or made available to the public.

The KGB acted as a secret police force whose main goals were to keep dissenters quiet by any means necessary. Those who did not fall in line were murdered, tortured and sent to labor camps with conditions so brutal that many committed suicide.

The FBI, on the other hand, is governed by publicly known law. The organization’s leaders are often called upon to testify in a public setting, and many FBI operations have been made public record. The organization does not torture American citizens for voicing opinions, no matter how far outside the mainstream or how potentially offensive they might be to the government.


Simply speaking, Fitton is incorrect. President Barack Obama did not turn the FBI into the KGB.

Indeed, the fact that Fitton was permitted to voice this claim on cable television is proof itself that America does not have a secret police force trying to suppress dissent. Were Fitton living in Russia when the KGB was active, he would have found no platform to voice his claims and likely would have faced fatal consequences.

The Obama-era FBI certainly deserves criticism, specifically for its handling of investigations into Russian interference during the 2016 election and Hillary Clinton’s emails. But there is no comparison between the FBI and KGB.


We rate the claim as false.

And the media wonders why we call them fake news.

This article by Newsweek couldn’t have been more self-serving if the FBI or disgraced James Comey had written it himself.

The Left talk of Russians and their leader Vladimir Putin. But something far worse than the KGB existed for 8 years in America under Obama.

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