Pope Calls Out Fake News Journalists

Pope Calls Out Fake News Journalists

Donald Trump shined the spotlight on media during the election. And he hasn’t let up.

In fact, many critics of Trump now see the light. Most recently we reported on Senator Bob Corker, a victim of fake news.

The press accused Corker of taking kickbacks for his vote on the tax bill. Based on that report, Corker says he has “newfound empathy” for the president.

Perhaps fake news has now reached Biblical proportions, as now the Pope chimes in.

As the Catholic News Agency reports, the Pope calls out fake news:

Journalism must prize truth and reflection over sensationalism and clamor, Pope Francis told journalists on Saturday.

“It is important that the criteria of judgment and information are offered patiently and methodically so that ‎public opinion is able to understand and discern, and is not stunned and disoriented,” the Pope said Dec. 16, according to Vatican News.

The Pope encouraged journalism that embodies “serenity, precision and completeness.” It must use calm language that favors “fruitful reflection” and thoughtful, clear words that reject “clamorous and ambiguous speech.”

The Pope spoke to about 350 members of the Italian Periodical Press Union and the Italian Federation of Catholic Weeklies, who met him at the Vatican.

“Your free and responsible voice is fundamental for the growth of any society that wants to be called democratic, so that a continuous exchange of ideas and a profitable debate based on real and correctly reported facts are assured,” the pontiff told them.

I haven’t agree with much of this Pope’s views. However, I do agree with this one.

And I have to wonder if the Pope now reconsiders some of his earlier views, given that he now sees he may not have gotten all the right information.

The article continues,

He noted the dominance of speed and sensationalism in some reporting, which lacks precision and thoroughness. It is dominated by overheated emotions, not thoughtful reflection.

The pontiff stressed the need for reliable information, verified data and news that does not aim to amaze and excite. Rather, it creates in readers a healthy critical sense that allows them to ask appropriate questions and make justified conclusions.

The same speed at which news is delivered calls for equally speedy responses. And when people get the news wrong, the responses could be wrong as well.

But there is a difference between getting it wrong and setting the narrative. In truth, the media creates fake news, as much of the media do the bidding of the Leftists.

Regardless, the Pope now sees what Trump sees. And that tells me that many people see it.

Interestingly, Trump has a curious way of illuminating what has gone unnoticed. His approach has shined the light on much that is wrong with the country. Some would say that God has his hand in all of this. I certainly believe that.

First, the impossible win. Then, the complete lists of accomplishments of Trump, as the Left fights him tooth and nail.

President Trump wins new followers every day. And the momentum builds, as the Pope’s comments certainly validate.

Soon people will ask why the media delivers so much fake news. After that, people will quit asking, because they will get their news elsewhere.




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