It’s amazing what winning does to one’s outlook.

I have written extensively on the subject, and the application of winning in politics.

Donald Trump wins. Thus he obviously knows how to win. Perhaps more importantly, he knows what losing feels like.

Losing sucks, and boy don’t we know it. After decades of backing losers, specifically, the Republican establishment, Conservatives have felt the sharp barb of losing. I’m happy to report that despite what the media says, our losing days are over.

President Trump has quickly gained the backing of establishment Republicans, because they know what winning feels like.

As Christopher Cantrill writes,

Democrats seem to be over the moon about their 2018 midterm prospects. They seem to think that they will clear the tables and get themselves a Trump impeachment. And maybe they are right.


Liberals really do live on another planet. The corporate tax cut was not intended as some cheap way to win votes or to benefit employees and voters in the here and now. It is simply an effort to lower the tax rate on corporate income down to generally accepted international levels approved by all card-carrying globalists…When corporations buy back their stock as they did in the Obama years they are simply saying that, what with all the taxes and regulations and head-winds from liberal sue-and-settle shenanigans, they have nothing better to do with their profits than buy back their stock.

But that was in the bad old days of a 35 percent corporate tax rate.

The Trumpists are betting that a 21 percent tax rate and expensing of capital expenditures will radically change the behavior of corporations and revive their animal spirits in ways incomprehensible to Good Little Girl liberal journalists weaned on the baby food of center-left think tanks.

The key point in Cantrill’s assessment is that President Trump doesn’t see corporate tax cuts as politics. Think about how things worked in DC up until President Trump.

Every move is a calculation for votes. How many people will be for or against it. And if bureaucrats know the policy stinks, they enlist the support of the media.

Now consider how Trump works. He proposes good policy not based on votes, but based on outcomes. He then hammers the media, marginalizing their impact. But most importantly, Trump merely waits on results. No calculations, no polling, no second-guessing.

Consider what’s happened in one year under Trump:

 And although Obama and his minions want to take credit for the Trump economy, that’s difficult when you are forced to recall what Obama said about Trump’s ability to get it done.

Obama can’t walk back those comments!

But as the anti-Trump American Spectator admits, things are very different under President Trump.

The economy is booming. Stephen Moore details all the ways it’s booming and all the ways the media was wrong:

But so far the Trump haters have missed the call on the trajectory of the economy. Their lousy track record is relevant to the debate over the tax bill, because Mr. Trump’s critics are still accusing the White House of predicting wild-eyed rates of growth — egads, 3 percent — over the next decade to camouflage the fiscal effects of the tax cut.

Doubly ironic is that the same Obama-era economists — Mr. Summers, Mr. Kruger and Mr. Furman — who are trashing Mr. Trump’s increasingly realistic forecast of 3 percent growth — are the ones who predicted 4 percent plus growth from the Obama budgets. Mr. Obama never came anywhere near 4 percent growth and at the end of his term growth was trickling down at a pitiful 1.6 percent.

So the same people who accused Mr. Trump’s team of “low standards of integrity” for predicting 3 percent growth were the ones who forecast much faster growth from Mr. Obama — while he was raising taxes. Amazing.

The sharp-penned Paul Krugman of The New York Times declared the 3 percent Trump growth forecast as an act of “economic arrogance.” He mocked the Trump forecast saying that the productivity improvement necessary for faster growth was as likely as “driverless flying cars arriving en masse.”

An L.A. Times business article from earlier this year was titled: “If Trump thinks he can get more than 3 percent economic growth, he’s dreaming.”

But Trump is presiding over 3-plus percentage growth.

Now we get news that the NY Fed believes next quarter America will hit 4% GDP.

As Cantrill continues,

Really, you couldn’t choose a better setup for the 2018 midterms. The Democrats get to wail about Russia collusion and Republicans stealing the silver and #MeToo and gay wedding cakes. Republicans get to talk about middle-class tax cuts and 4 percent growth. Remember the days when Dick Morris taught Bill Clinton to strike terror into Republican hearts with their centrist triangulation between left and right. Today’s Democrats don’t know nothin’ about such pranks.

Remember when people warned Republicans to stay away from social issues?

That was a lie. Because, social issues drive the economic issues.

NFL players kneeling speaks to corporate America. Gender-based nonsense of the Left cause Target to institute a “Transgender” bathroom policy. Anybody want to question the economic impact on those businesses?

What is the cost of illegal immigration? I don’t know, but I know illegals don’t benefit American taxpayers…period.

And how much has the war on terror cost America, as we continue to allow terrorists in our midst? More than if we wouldn’t allow terrorists in our midst.

Donald Trump’s election tapped into the heart of middle-America, as does his policies. These people are fed up with legislation based on politically-correct identity politics. Government prior to President Trump has been consumed with things like Heather has two Mommies, global climate farce, refugee resettlement, and a host of other Leftist nonsense.

Americans feel safer under President Trump, short-term and long-term. Moreover, America knows that President Trump has but one agenda: Make America Great Again.

The Republican establishment has been in training for two years. They apprenticed during the candidate-Trump’s campaign. Now, Republicans are journey, with a year under President Trump’s tutelage. If you think the dismantling of Obamacare and passing tax cuts was amazing, wait until you see how the Republicans behave after the election of 2018.



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