Going GANGSTA: Joe Biden Threatens Former DNC Chair

Going GANGSTA: Joe Biden Threatens Former DNC Chair

The Democrats continue swimming by lifelines, as they investigate their political future.

A man who believes he fits prominently in that future is disgraced former Vice President Joe Biden.

In what can only be diagnosed as Stage Four dementia, Biden considers himself a viable presidential candidate. Which means he’s prepared to battle Donald Trump in 2020. However, he must get there first.

In this interview Biden was asked about his age, and his ability to handle challengers. He didn’t disappoint.


Partial Transcript:

INTERVIEWER: Is age a factor.

BIDEN: Sure. It’s a totally legitimate factor.

INTERVIEWER: Howard Dean said this morning, former Democratic Party chair said the old people of the Party need to “get the hell out of the way.”

BIDEN: Well tell Howard I can take him physically.

OK. Look, come on, this is about…you’re going to be running against a man whose gonna be 75 years old. Uh, 76 years old at the time, whatever his age is.

It’s about uh, I know…I suggest people go see the new Churchill movie. Umm, you know look, it would be a totally legitimate thing for people to say, “Let’s look at Biden. See what kind of shape his in, mentally, physically, and the rest. And it may be I develop some problem and I’m not capable of doing that.”

First, Biden threatens Howard Dean. Frankly, I’d pay to see these two clowns duke it out; I love sissy fights.

Second, Biden just compares his age to President Trump’s. He doesn’t compare policy or records.

But what’s most striking goes back to Biden’s refusal to run against Hillary Clinton. The man who said when he was selected as Obama’s running mate that Hillary Clinton was a better candidate believes he can beat Donald Trump.

But then as with all Democrats, Biden then later says Hillary Clinton didn’t run a good campaign.


Now in retrospect, we are to believe that Biden could have beaten Clinton?

As the saying goes, “No balls no babies!” And Biden didn’t have the balls to confront Hillary Clinton then. But suddenly he does now.

According to the Telegraph, Biden has found his balls:

Joe Biden knew he could beat Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination but decided not to run because he feared a “stop at nothing” smear campaign by her supporters, he reveals in a new memoir.

The man who served as Barack Obama’s vice-president remains a favourite among party faithful, many of whom believe he would have fared better in the states that delivered the White House to Donald Trump.

His words are certain to deepen splits among Democrats following their defeat and reignite speculation the 74-year-old is preparing for one last run.

Leftists always have an excuse.

Howard Dean is right in that the Democrats need new blood. But new blood and the same old socialist ideas amount to more Democrat losses in elections.

Most striking about Biden hanging around is the notion that he should. What an intoxicant politics must be?!

Biden served as VP of one of the most corrupt administrations in history, and he still believes himself a public servant.

Good luck Democrats, if Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, et al are your best. And what of the bull pen, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Keith Ellison, and that ilk? Why no discussion of those political terrorists?

Still the old white people’s club?

Biden is deranged and delusional. Which is why I like that he remains in the public eye. President Trump couldn’t have a better wingman, as Biden showcases the legacy of Obama.

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