President Trump DEMOLISHES 9th Circuit Court on DACA

President Trump DEMOLISHES 9th Circuit Court on DACA

The 9th Circuit Court should be described as a “kangaroo” court by any sane standards.

When it comes to buffoonery, the “judges” that make up that court almost the best. They are outclowned only by the Congressional Black Circus members, like Maxine Waters.

So when a District judge ordered that DACA be maintained, the next step would have been for the Trump administration to appeal to the 9th Circuit. But the Trump administration decided to skip the circus act, and go for the gusto.

As The Daily Caller reported,

The Department of Justice will appeal directly to the Supreme Court after a federal judge in California ordered the Trump administration to maintain the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, an Obama-era amnesty policy that extends legal status to 800,000 illegal aliens who arrived in the U.S. as children.

The department will bypass the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which has jurisdiction in the case, and appeal directly to the high court, a rare procedural move.

“It defies both law and common sense for DACA — an entirely discretionary non-enforcement policy that was implemented unilaterally by the last administration after Congress rejected similar legislative proposals and courts invalidating the similar DAPA policy — to somehow be mandated nationwide by a single district court in San Francisco,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement announcing the appeal.

Just so we are clear, Judge William Alsup concluded the program’s rescission was based on a flawed legal premise, rendering the action “arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, [and] otherwise not in accordance with law.”

But what Alsup didn’t say was that Obama’s Executive Order for DACA was unconstitutional on its face. Therefore, illegal. Thus, President Trump’s undoing the illegal act and asking Congress to intervene was the proper, non-dictatorial way to handle this.

Who is this clown?

William Alsup is a San Francisco attorney by way of Mississippi.

He obviously carries the guilt from his home state. After all, he is a Democrat. So the man likely beat up black people in his youth, thus moved to San Francisco for two reasons.

First, he escaped his racist past. And second, he could then “help” the people he previously oppressed by doing it better.

After lawyering in the city that allows illegals to shoot and kill citizens, Alsup was appointed as a District Court judge. And by Bill “Finger Wag” Clinton.

If you read Alsup’s resume, it makes you want to fact-check everything. They act as if this guy invented the bread slicer. One of his marquee cases was Oracle v Google, a case involving patent infringement by Google of JAVA. They claimed that Alsup learned to program for the case. Total BS. The man still programs in BASIC, one of the first programming languages, and used by exactly nobody. But that was the backdrop for his deciding for Google, and against Oracle.

I assure you Google did infringe, and won because they had the most money.

As for his decision in DACA, he will be overruled by the Supreme Court. And if I were Oracle, I would challenge his decision for Google as well.

The 9th Circuit is no better.

They ruled against President Trump’s travel order, and we documented Trey Gowdy’s response.

“No one familiar with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals should be surprised at today’s ruling. The 9th Circuit has a well-earned reputation for being presumptively reversible. Unlike the district court order, there is at least a court opinion which can be evaluated.

…the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals’ suggestion that even those unlawfully present in the country have certain due process rights with respect to immigration. The Court cites Zadvydas v. Davis, 533 U.S. 678, 695 (2001) for the proposition that even aliens who have committed and been convicted of certain crimes while in the U.S. unlawfully may have due process rights with respect to travel to or from the United States. In addition, the Court ventures curiously into its own role in reviewing a president’s national security conclusions.

Legal permanent residents, non-citizens with current valid visas, non-citizens with expired visas (which were once valid), aliens with no legal standing, aliens who have committed a crime but have not yet been deported, and aliens who are not even present in the United States but seek to come are just a few of the categories the Supreme Court will need to determine what process is due, if any. It seems clear to most of us – not on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals – there is no right to come to this country for non-citizens of the United States. It also seems clear judges are neither in a position, practically or jurisprudentially, to second guess national security determinations made by the commander-in-chief. There is a reason we elect the commander-in-chief and do not elect federal judges.

For those, like Alexander Hamilton, who once or now wondered if the judicial branch would be too weak, wonder no more.”

That pretty much sums it up.

The fact is, President Trump will win on DACA. And the Democrats will come back to the table begging.



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