Why President Trump Will NEVER Lose to the Left

Why President Trump Will NEVER Lose to the Left

In case you haven’t noticed the Left work tirelessly to paint Trump as an egotistical racist bigot.

Leftists love characterizing Conservatives and Republicans as bad guys. They need Americans to fear the good guys, so they themselves can do real evil.

Demonizing tactics of the Left worked for decades. They’ve made God-fearing good Conservatives look like the anti-Christ. And the Left take pride in ruining careers and lives, without even a short glance back.

Leftists have thrown the kitchen sink at President Trump. Here are just a few examples:

CNN: “Trump’s racism has gone from dog-whistle bigotry to megaphone prejudice”

USA Today: Donald Trump’s malignant narcissism is toxic: Mental health professionals have a ‘duty to warn’ about a leader who may be unfit to serve.

Boston Globe: Donald Trump — the bigot who can’t accept reality

Frankly, the list of these hit pieces is longer than a Polish last name. Moreover, the articles themselves are baseless. The authors know little of Donald Trump, pre or post-Presidency.

They don’t want to know the real Donald Trump. Because knowing that man would erode the foundation for their lies. They don’t want to know that Donald Trump cares about the little people.

Take for example this simple gesture President Trump made before getting on his helicopter.

The incident occurred as President Trump returned from Hamburg after participating in the G20.

The president approached Marine One at Andrews Air Force Base just outside D.C. President Trump noticed the Marine’s “cover” (hat) has blown off. The Marine is not allowed to move, and he can’t salute without his cover.

The president notices the cover on the steps of the helicopter as he’s about to ascend. Instead of continuing, President Trump picks it up. Then, he places the Marine’s cover back on his head.

Unfortunately, in a big gust of wind, the Marine loses his cover again. One would think at this point, the president would blow the incident off, pardon the pun. But he doesn’t. The president retrieves the cover and the accompanying military escort merely salutes the Marine to complete the tradition.

The man whom the Left calls racist, did the smallest act of kindness for the black Marine PFC. You can bet Obama would never have done this, even for a photo op. But President Trump did this automatically. Because that how he views the Marines and all Americans: he’s not too big to do the little things.

As they say, “It’s the little things that count.”


A group slowed down the video to make the bigger point.

Now some may ask, “Why does this matter?”.

First of all, I’ve never seen an egotistical racist unhinged maniac pay close enough attention to those around him to pick up hat’s that get blown off the heads of Marines. The Marine in question happens to be black, which make the act all the more curious.

Further who knows how many more countless examples there are of Trump doing these types of things that do not make it on social media. And if there are you can’t count of the leftist media to report on them. No, these gems’s stay hidden and its up to the rest of us to make the rest of the world take notice.

Moreover, this example shows us that Trump does similar courteous actions multiple times throughout the day to those he works with. And his actions extended to those around him, like Marines who most would ignore, shows how he feels about America and the American public.

If Trump cares about the “lowly” Marine stationed by Marine One, how much more will he care about the state of the country in which he serves? The president wasn’t too “big” or egotistical to acknowledge of his military men.

For me, watching the president of the United States place a cover on the head of a Marine PFC told me all I need to know about him.



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