BLM Leader Charged with Sex Crimes

BLM Leader Charged with Sex Crimes

A Portland Black Lives Matter protest organizer faces multiple sexual abuse offenses.

Not long ago Black Lives Matter leader Micah Rhodes escaped charges related to terrorism at rallies. However he has been brought to justice.

In what is undoubtedly a black eye to the bogus movement of Black Lives Matter, Micah Rhodes was arrested and charged with several cases of abuse. In Washington county, he faced two counts of 2nd-degree sexual abuse of an underage girl. Now, Rhodes pleaded guilty to another case in Multnomah County. This time he targeted an underage boy using the Grindr app.

Sadly, this is a long-standing pattern of behavior for Rhodes. As the Oregonian reports:

The Oregon Youth Authority began supervising Rhodes when he was 14, for sexual abuse and sodomy, authorities said. According to court records, Rhodes was 13 or 14 years old in 2007 when he sexually abused a boy who was 9 or 10 years old.

Washington County Deputy District Attorney Andy Pulver argued in court papers that Rhodes has a “sexual predisposition toward minor children.”

As you can see, Rhodes fit snugly in with the American Left.

Strangely, Rhodes isn’t listed on the sex offender registry, despite being required to register. Then again, if all Democrat pedophiles had to register as sex offenders, the system would crash.

So far, Rhodes has opted not to comment about the charges against him, citing legal advice as his reason. However, he promises to comment when all the cases have been settled in court.

Any bets against Rhodes playing the victim?

Of course Rhodes was setup, right? It’s a conspiracy, likely by the same Right-wing fanatics that setup Bill Clinton in the Lewinsky scandal.

And then Rhodes will blame the victims. They were willing participants, right? Or he will try the typical pedophile defense: “They came on to me!”

Next, Rhodes will try to sway public opinion, and claim that age is just a number. So what they were minor kids. These kids needed a first-hand sex education, to round out what they now learn in the Second Grade.

Then there’s the “How did I know he was only 13!?” defense. After all, who can tell the age of kids these days? It’s not like they are illegals and get ID cards to vote.

But perhaps Rhodes biggest excuse is the fact that Hillary Clinton lost, ergo Donald Trump won. Had Trump not been elected, race relations in America would be great, and black people would be safe again. Because Hillary Clinton had changed her evil ways, and no longer says black people are super-predators. Trump, on the other hand is a racist, at least according to the BLM pedophile.

As the Oregonian explains:

Rhodes was frequently seen at marches and sitting in on meetings at Portland City Hall. He also was a leader of Portland’s Resistance, a group that formed after Donald Trump won the presidential election in November 2016. He helped organize people during night after night of protests immediately after Trump’s victory.

Where are the #BLM supporters?

We’ve always known members of the #BlackLivesMatter movement are criminals, even terrorists in their own right. They’ve caused countless riots, arson, and millions of dollars in property damages. These protesters show up to tear cities apart, then they abandon ship even faster than they assembled.

But when it comes to Rhodes, it’s silence among his peers.¬†For a guy like Rhodes to go down without a single supporter is quite comical. Apparently even terrorists know when to distance themselves from scumbags.

Things will be different in prison, however. Strangely, prison is where pedophiles actually get the justice they deserve. Behind bars, not Rhode’s lawyer, the Democrats, former president Obama, nor Eric Holder will be able to prevent what’s going to happen.

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