Not a Punchline: Democrats Want Joe Biden to Run for President in 2020

Not a Punchline: Democrats Want Joe Biden to Run for President in 2020

I know it sounds like the punchline to a joke that the Democrats’ best hope in 2020 is Joe Biden. But it’s true.

Talk about having no bench.

I wrote of this a while back, as I inventoried the Democratic Party politicians. It’s “one flew over the cuckoo nest” over there.

Radical racist heterophobic misandrist lunatics, the lot of them. They have white people, men, capitalists, the military, and success. While they use black people, Latinos, women, and Muslims to further their nonsensical ideology.

Too bad things backfired on them. They screwed up and allowed a competent man to take the steering wheel.

So what do the Democrats do to combat the “scourge” of MAGA? They dust off the dumbest man to ever hold public office: Joe Biden.

As Breitbart reports:

Some polls surprisingly find that Joe Biden is mounting a serious bid for president despite being a man who has unsuccessfully run for president in nearly every cycle since 1988.

The former vice president has been topping polls recently as he criss-crosses the country stumping for Democrats in the 2018 midterm primaries, according to The Hill newspaper.

At least one recent poll found Biden leading Senator Bernie Sanders (I, VT) 26 to 18 percent, the paper says.

While many Democrats are talking about the need for “fresh faces” in Democrat politics, Biden is bucking that trend as the 75-year-old’s longtime presence in the party continues to draw interest.

“A fresh face is important, but Democrats need three things: someone to win the White House, someone who can elevate the rest of the ticket and a candidate who understands and appreciates governance where this president has shown disdain for it,” the executive director of the New York Democratic Party, Basil Smikle, told The Hill. “Biden fits that bill.”

Maybe the 8th time is the charm?

That’s how many times Biden will have run for president if he decides to wheel himself into the arena yet again in 2020.

I can see President Trump’s commercials now, as he uses Biden’s own words against him.

I can see the Trump campaign using this clip, and their response would be:

“Joe Biden admitted that Hillary Clinton was more qualified than he. And he is RIGHT!”

Or maybe Trump runs that clip with this one where Biden throws Hillary Clinton under the bus?

What level must your bench be depleted when you have to send in the mascot to play?!

I’d think the Democrats would consider Harvey Weinstein ahead of 7 time loser Joe Biden. But when you have nothing, what can you do.

And don’t think Trump will do anything to help them, as Trump only knows success.

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