21 Newspapers Run IDENTICAL anti-SCOTUS Letters

21 Newspapers Run IDENTICAL anti-SCOTUS Letters

They wonder why we call them fake news?

It’s not just CNN, it’s the entire lamestream media establishment.

According to The Daily Mail,

At least 21 papers were duped last week, including big-market brands like the Dallas Morning News and The Washington Times. They ran identical letters over a four-day period, each signed by a different person.

The effort is an example of public-relations ‘astroturfing,’ a technique meant to simulate genuine grassroots support for an idea or cause.

The form letter is one small piece of the message minefield erupting around Kavanaugh as he prepares for a brutal confirmation process that will end with scant support from Democrats.

It begins by declaring that ‘Brett Kavanaugh is the wrong choice to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. If he is confirmed to the Supreme Court, everything that we hold dear as a nation will be at stake.’

Anybody want to guess what political party is likely behind this?

Yes, the RUSSIANS! Or at least the Russians who appeared to have interfered in America’s last presidential election. People like Hillary Clintonsky, Barack Obamavich, James Czomeyesky, and others. I think you get my point.

Consider all the media astroturfing we’ve seen. Below is an example of over 20 stations across the country saying the identical thing.

These are broadcasters in whom the public puts a lot of trust. Many are considered celebrities of sorts in their hometowns, and they don’t have an original thought among them. So 20-something producers write the copy, and these “talking heads” merely repeat the narrative.

Here’s another example where you see the media cabal at work. This one happened when Clinton almost took a louie off the curb on 9/11, during the presidential campaign.

Hillary Clinton indeed “powered through”. Until she lost the presidency.

The media industrial complex has owned our minds, and even in the smallest of things. In this next example, we learn that “A child’s birthday is priceless…”

As you can see, the media can tell us what is “priceless” and what is not. Look at all the hoopla over “separation of children from their parents” we heard recently. And what about gun-control in the wake of a mass shooting by some deranged Leftist?

It’s so bad, that even comedians noticed. In the case of Conan O’Brien he noted the narrative on gas prices.

Sadly, the media does this on about every subject.

And the media is undoubtedly left-leaning. So when you consider any news that makes sense, understand the Left won’t report it accurately.

These tactics worked in the past. That is, until Donald Trump came along and called the media what they indeed really are…fake news. The media no longer reports news, but instead manufactures news. The truth is of no concern, because for Leftists, the truth is what they determine it to be.

So in the case of the election, Hillary Clinton was good, and Trump evil. Therefore, according to the media (and the FBI, NSA, DNI, FISA court judges, etc), anything to keep Donald Trump out and get Hillary Clinton elected was fair game.

Until all media get back to their charter, they will suffer their fate. Less credibility and less buying of their tainted product.


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