Leftist accuses SCOTUS Nominee of Hate-Group Ties

Leftist accuses SCOTUS Nominee of Hate-Group Ties

Democrats are as dumb as they are predictable. And the prospect of another Trump-appointed SCOTUS puts them on tilt.

Listen as Zerlina Maxwell alludes to racism of one of President Trump’s potential SCOTUS judge picks.


MSNBC political analyst Zerlina Maxwell was interviewed on Monday, and showcased the idiocy of Leftists in America. Understandably Maxwell, an avowed Leftist doesn’t agree with President Trump’s SCOTUS picks. But Maxwell inferred that United States Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett has hate group ties.

Maxwell commented on MSNBC’s “Hardball” that Barrett is “very Catholic”. Knowing how the Left feel about religion, their Democratic Party booing God at the convention as proof, you might think that’s the statement to which I’m referring. However, it is not.

Maxwell’s comments are based on disgraced former Democratic Sen. Al Franken’s accusations against Barrett during a hearing last year. During that hearing Franken declared Alliance Defending Freedom a “hate group” and asked why Barrett had ties to the group. Franken accused accused the ADF of “call[ing] for the sterilization of transgender people abroad.”

Franken was referencing the racist and highly partisan Southern Poverty Law Center’s charge that the ADF supports “sterilization”. In fact, the group merely pointed out that those who chose to undergo sex change operations can have their legal sex changed. The SPLC claimed the ADF said this is the only instance in which someone’s legal sex could be changed, a statement the group denies.

Regardless, Maxwell called ADF a “hate group,” citing Franken’s words as her only evidence.

“Amy Barnett [Barrett] went to Notre Dame, she is very Catholic,” Maxwell said. “She had a famous moment with former Senator Al Franken during her hearings about how she spoke, essentially, to a hate group without really understanding the full context there.”

Interesting how the Women’s Movement doesn’t seem to care about Al Franken’s groping of their sisterhood, when his words suit their idiotic narratives.

Maxwell continued her denigration of Barrett, citing “voting rights, women’s rights, workers’ rights, affirmative action,” as possible bones of contention.

She said Democrats should do everything they can to prevent Republicans from confirming “a very extreme or conservative person” like Barrett to the Court.

As we know now, Barrett wasn’t selected, yet. But the attack on Barrett certainly forebodes what Brett Kavanaugh is up against. And future Trump appointees will face the same.

The good news is nothing the Left can do will prevent the president from setting the SCOTUS on a new and sane course.

As for “hate-groups ties”, there is none larger than the progressive movement, aka the Democratic Party.


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