Mexico President-Elect Pens Not-So-Tough-Anymore Letter to President Trump

Mexico President-Elect Pens Not-So-Tough-Anymore Letter to President Trump

President Donald Trump breaks world leader one by one. And he grinds them into dust. Just look at the recent capitulation by the EU, the European collective who figured out that trade with the U.S. will no longer a one-sided affair.

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They all talked tough on trade at the G-7. But in the end, President Trump put America First, and MAGA’d the hell out of them.

The tough talk by foreign powers runs rampant. From Canada’s Trudeau who waited until after the G-7 to get cocky, only to get his feathers clipped by Trump and the Canadian pragmatists. They warned Trudeau not to piss off Trump, less Canada have to actually build a military.

Next on the North American side of things came Mexico. They elected a radical, and he promised to put President Trump in his place.

Apparently however, Mexico President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico changed his tune.

Not long ago Obrador essentially threatened the United States with a mass Mexican invasion.

As the Washington Post reported,

López Obrador has likened Trump’s attackson Mexicans to the way Nazis talked about Jews. He has proposed organizing protests against Trump’s immigration policy, with people dressed in white forming a human chain along the length of the U.S. border. On Sunday night, after his victory was announced, he said any relationship with the United States would need to include a defense of “our migrant countrymen” living north of the border.


But then Obrador was elected, and he quickly backtracked, putting his nuts in a vice of his own creation:

Although López Obrador struck a conciliatory tone in his acceptance speech, asking for “friendship and mutual respect” with the United States, he will now face the difficult task of reconciling his promises of compassion for migrants and the peasants drawn into Mexico’s drug trade with his interest in building a constructive relationship with President Trump.

So immediately upon election Obrador reflected on his (false) bravado, and now he finds himself having to kiss the ring.

So he released a seven-page letter to President Trump. From this vantage point, I’d call it a “love letter”.

In the letter Obrador outlined how he hopes the two countries can work together to improve security at their border and discourage migration from Mexico.

“There will be many changes,” he promised in the letter. “And in this new atmosphere of progress with well-being, I’m sure we can reach agreements to confront together the migration phenomenon as well as the problem of border insecurity.”

Marcelo Ebrard, the president-elect’s proposed foreign minister, read a copy of the letter at a news conference with Lopez Obrador Sunday. The contents confirmed that the incoming administration’s aim is to “start a new chapter in the relationship between Mexico and the United States, based on mutual respect.”

Mutual respect would be nice. Because historically, Mexico has told America to “F*ck off!”

The country has allowed an invasion, actually encouraging the invasion. Mexico feasts on NAFTA, creating an almost $70 billion trade imbalance in Mexico’s favor. Yet, Mexico still encourages its citizens to invade the United States.

But as we can see, the days of tough talk are over. Unquestionably, Lopez Obrador has either gotten his sanity, or President Trump has gotten it for him. Mexico has no room to talk tough to America, nor does any other country. Trump wants to work in cooperation with any government. But what he won’t stand for is the status quo. And status quo has America bent over all around the world as other countries watch with glee.

The good news for Mexico is their new leader won’t be the only person backtracking, then kissing the ring of President Trump. World leaders are lining up, and rightfully so. America is being made great again.


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