Polling: President Trump Breaking the Law of Physics

Polling: President Trump Breaking the Law of Physics

The Left don’t know what to do. No matter what crap they throw at President Trump, he still smells like a rose.

As one pundit put it recently, Trump’s poll numbers seem to “defy gravity”. The Hill, expanded on this:

Republican pollster Jim Hobart said on Monday that negative media coverage of President Trump is only making him more popular with his base.

“I think there’s no doubt that when Trump supporters, or even some people that are lukewarm on the president when they feel like he is being unfairly attacked by the media, which I think happens a lot, they rally around him,” Hobart, who is a partner at Public Opinion Strategies, told Hill.TV’s Joe Concha on “What America’s Thinking.”

“That’s when his numbers, his intensity numbers, get even higher. We saw that in an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released last night,” he continued.

“His approval rating, 45 percent, is the highest of his presidency. Eighty-eight percent of Republicans approve of him. Again, the highest of his presidency, and the highest of any president, other than George W. Bush immediately after 9/11,” he said.

The NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey marked a 1-point increase in Trump’s approval rating since last month.

But the Left can’t report good news about President Trump without getting in a shot.

The article continues,

While Trump’s approval rating among Republicans is at a record high, his overall approval rating is still the lowest of any modern president.

Perhaps. But what the author of the piece didn’t write is that President Trump’s numbers are higher than Barack Obama’s numbers at the same point in their presidencies.

Considering the trajectories, I’d prefer to be Trump, than Obama.

Remember, Obama was elected in a landslide, and most Americans who voted for him believed he could walk on water. He entered the presidency with the highest numbers in modern history. And in less than two years he was less popular than Donald Trump?

The 2010 mid-term election confirmed Obama’s lack of luster. And while historically incumbents lose during mid-terms, President Trump’s remade Republican Party will hold the House and gain seats in the Senate. In other words, the infamous Blue Wave on which the Democrats rely will not occur.

Trump’s numbers are rising.

Further, they are rising in spite of the media onslaught and the various witch hunt that continue by the Deep State swamp rats. And when the Republicans retain the House this year, a few things will be clear.

RINOs, #NeverTrumpers, and many anti-Trumpers will see the writing on the wall. Next and perhaps more importantly, so will Democrats.

Mueller’s investigation falls like a house of cards, and Americans will finally see justice given to the crooks of the Obama administration. Also, the media will be forced to begin reporting news again, and to stop colluding with the Democrats.

Imagine waking up daily as a Democrat, and after all the scheming and conniving, and in conjunction with the FBI, CIA, NSA, FISA courts, The Clinton Machine, Obama’s OFA, Hollyweird, and the media, and there sits Trump at the thrown of government. Something you never expected. Then, imagine them the day after mid-terms, when the Republicans solidly retain the House and control the Senate, and you tried everything in your power to stop it.

What will Democrats have left?

If you said, “Ocasio-Cortez…the future of the Democratic Party”, then you REALLY have a great sense of humor.

Well, that’s the reality of the Democrats. They put their hopes on an incompetent Latina woman, because well, she’s a Latina woman. After all, they pinned their hopes on an incompetent Black man, and you see what that got them.

Trump’s poll numbers will continue to rise, much to the angst of the Left. There is literally nothing they can do about it. Because what sane people care about more than ideology are good results. And that’s what Trump delivers.

But the really bad news is how Trump’s poll numbers rise. In a word: steady.

Trump doesn’t rely on gimmicks. He’s not polling the lingo, the lexicon. He just speaks, and from the heart. His steady rise comes at the expense of those who tried to do him harm early on. Cries of Trump’s instability, his massive ego, etc. Yet, when people see how Trump performs, he suddenly appears much more even keel than the Armageddon-laced language of the Left suggests.

By November, Trump will be up another 3 points on the “fake news” scale approaching 50 percent approval. In reality, this number will be closer to 65 percent.

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