Rachel Maddow Has ANOTHER ‘Oh Crap’ Moment with Trump

Rachel Maddow Has ANOTHER ‘Oh Crap’ Moment with Trump

Rachel Maddow can only be considered competent by Leftists. Because she is far from it.

I mock her staccato delivery of the news. She does this not for effect, but because she doesn’t believe the BS she’s processing and needs more time to think.

Simply put, Maddow is one of the worst media personalities on air, and has a job for one reason: PC culture that requires networks to hire more gay men.

In this opening monologue, Maddow believes she has found a smoking gun, where the White House edited the Helsinki summit. As it turns out, it’s just poor production on the part of her production staff. See for yourself.

Did you see and hear that passion by Maddow, as she delivered what she thought was to be the gotcha moment that turned into a Maddow Meltdown?

Maddow adamantly claims that the White House nefariously edited out the question from the official transcript of whether Putin wanted Trump to win the 2016 election, a question asked at the July 16 meeting in Helsinki.

Then the gotcha swung back, and grabbed her by the vagina. Because as it turns out, the media’s independent transcripts also don’t include the reporter asking “President Putin, did you want President Trump to win the election?” But that’s not even relevant in terms of what Maddow insinuated.

“We can report tonight that the White House video of that exchange has also skillfully cut out that question from the Reuters reporter as if it didn’t happen,” Maddow said.

Because the omission involved a change “between the feed from the reporters and the feed from the translator.”

Moreover, you hear the question being asked in the White House version of the video.

You saw the video. And undoubtedly the Trump administration wasn’t covering up Putin’s “yes, yes” comments, though they are clearly taken out of context.

But if Maddow searches edited transcripts, I suggest she look at what the Obama administration did with the Orlando shooting.

Recall, Obama’s Department of Justice was caught in June 2016 editing out references to the Islamic State and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi from the 911 call made by Orlando, Florida, shooter Omar Mateen.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest said at the time,

“They’re obviously making decisions that they believe are in the best interests of the investigation and of the broader community…And I’ll leave it to the investigators who make those decisions to comment on it.”

And they wonder why we call them fake news?

Instead of focusing on real journalism, Maddow and others focus on outrage journalism. Ideologue hell bent on destroying Trump for no reason other than they’ve been trained to disagree with his politics.

The Maddow Meltdown occurred because Maddow is not a journalist, but a sensationalist, and a poor one at that. How many more Al Capone’s vaults will she produce?


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