Man Yells at Woman for Flying Flag- Video

Do you fly an American flag at your home? If so, beware of fools like this.

A woman was flying an American flag in front of her house when this guy in a f*&# Trump T-shirt came up and started yelling at her about it. The yelling was loud enough that another woman came up and told him to knock it off since she could hear him from down the street. They got into a shouting match and eventually the guy backed down. But here’s the question- why is this even an issue? It’s not a stretch to understand getting angry over a Nazi flag or a Mexican flag, but the stars and stripes? We are still free to not only fly the American flag but we can take pride in our country as this video story points out.

These liberals really hate our country.

There’s really no other way to interpret this. With the flag stomping, burning, spitting, and general desecration it’s hard to come up with any other conclusion. THEY HATE THE USA. Some may say that they love it, but just not what it stands for now; the liberals want to change the country so that all people are cared for or some crap. However, if you want to change it, how can you love it?

  • America is great because of the ideals it represents, not in spite of them.
  • America means freedom.
  • America means less government.
  • America means that you can make anything you want of yourself.
flag raising
A veteran raising the flag in a Memorial Day ceremony.

Socialist countries take all of those things away and let’s be honest, socialism is what these anti-Americans want. They take away freedom and their economy suffers from it. Sure, you get your bowl of rice a day, but no toilet paper. You get free healthcare if you’re willing to wait a year for your appointment because there aren’t enough doctors. You get free electricity when it’s working.

So take pride in your country, it’s the best damn place on earth. Go fly your flag.

Response by Miranda Dawson.

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