8 Reasons Why Fake Bomb Story FAILED

Only the brain-dead moronic Left believe this story of the fake bombs.

Luckily for America, on November 6, 2018 we will prove just how few of these idiots remain. Because of obvious ploys like this by Leftists, they have driven the decent from their party.

Why was this such an obvious scheme by the Democrats? Well, in an effort to help those still stuck on stupid (aka Leftists), I will tell you how to spot the inconsistencies in this story.

1. Republicans don’t need the help.

Republicans were gaining on Democrats in every poll and in almost every race. Anybody performing this stunt would stop the momentum.

The only people who could possibly gain if the Left could have sold this, are Democrats. Unfortunately for them, the stunt backfired.

2. Nobody cares about Soros.

He was the first person to receive a bomb. Conservatives have known about him for decades, and he’s never been seriously threatened. So why now?

Soros has poured billions into Leftism for decades. When Trump won, Soros lost his investment. The last thing anybody would do is target him, particularly now.

3. Nobody cares about Obama or Clinton.

As I tweeted, “Under Obama Republicans won 1,080 seats from Democrats. We don’t want to BOMB him, we want to CLONE him!”

The same is true of twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. She a poster child for corruption. And she represents everything the Democrats don’t want people to know they stand for. Clinton is the gift that keeps on giving. Truth be told, Democrats would love to see her go away…for good!

So if anybody would have sent these two bombs, don’t look at Conservatives.

4. Nobody cares about the media.

CNN got a fake-bomb package, courtesy of Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan. That was a clue for sure. Trump marginalized CNN two years ago. Further, most American couldn’t pick Brennan out of line-up.

CNN helps Trump more than most people realize, so why stop milking the cow; particularly when you get the milk for free.

Needless to say, the Democrats wanted people to believe Trump’s rhetoric put the media in danger.

Too bad nobody cares about the media.

5. Targets chosen.

Seriously? Picking all targets that have some beef with Trump. Frankly, a bit too obvious.

See my reasons above for an explanation of the following


Obama and Clinton

The Media

And what of actor Robert De Niro. Does anybody find him relevant in the political discussion?

Then they added more to the list.

Joe Biden, irrelevant. Cory Booker, irrelevant. Sanders, irrelevant.

Name me one Democrat worth bombing, who isn’t already bombing himself?

6. No USPS markings on the stamps.

The post office marks packages that are mailed. These packages obviously were not mailed.

7. Fingerprints on envelope.

What is this, amateur hour? As I wrote earlier, this guy WANTED to get caught.

And the “investigation” took less time than it took the FBI to offer Clintonistas plea deals, and to report that Hillary Clinton had not done anything wrong. These decisions were made damn near in advance of Clinton’s testimony.

A guy with a criminal record leaves fingerprints all over his fake bomb packages? Not any serious person would do such a thing.

AP reported at 3:10 p.m.

The head of the FBI says the suspect arrested in the mail bombs sent to prominent Democrats was found in part using fingerprint evidence and possible DNA.

8. The choice of villain.

Ironically, Democrats chose an Indian. Talk about getting back at Trump for this mock of Pocahontas. Nice touch, Democrats.

However, they took things too far. They claim the man is a Republican. He is indeed a Democrat. But what’s worse is his van.

The van is plastered with pro-Trump bumper stickers, and not just on the bumper. They are all over. Yet NONE of them are faded. The man lives in Florida, where the sun shine 9 months out of the year. Investigative reporters won’t need to look far to find the place where he ordered those bumper stickers.

9. Most Americans can spot the fake news stories from miles away.

That’s what happened here, as America evaluated what I wrote above.

This farce doesn’t pass anybody’s smell test. But that won’t stop the Democrats from trying.

Thankfully, they will try and continue to lose. And the midterms will make it clear of our Conservative mandate.








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