BombGate: The Latest Leftist Comedy of Errors

What did I tell you, about the level of desperation the Democrats would showcase as they realized their fate?

I warned you that there is no level to which they won’t sink. And this latest publicity stunt has most Americans shaking our heads in total disbelief.

Forgetting Soros for a moment, ask yourself why would anybody want to hurt the Republicans’ two recruiting tools: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

This dynamic duo is the reason we have Trump!

Let’s begin with Obama. This man gave Republicans 1080 seats?! We don’t want to BOMB him, we want to CLONE that clown.

Did anybody believe this nonsense? All I see are the last gasps of a DYING PARTY!

Bill Mitchell tweeted:

Isn’t the media even a little curious why the “bomber” attached postage to an envelope that was delivered by a courier? Who was the courier company? Where was the pickup? Who paid for the delivery? Are we getting any of this?

And what about the MEDIA!

Holy Cow CNN and Democrats…GET A ROOM!

We’ve had MANY years to get any of these clowns. But suddenly this year somebody decided to act? After two glorious years of President Trump, a veritable Renaissance, and we now want to go after some Leftist relics?

And why Obama and Clinton? Neither of them lead the Democratic Party any longer.

We reported on Obama’s inability to draw a crowd recently. The rally in Nevada was so bad, the film crew kept their lenses on “zoom” just to make the rally appear bigger.

Why didn’t the bomber go after Biden? He’s the Democrats’ front-runner for 2020, isn’t he?

Why didn’t they go after Kamala Harris? Or Cory Booker? BERNIE SANDERS?!

And I’d love for somebody to tell me how you can get through the cameras and other security surrounding the Clintons and Obamas to drop off these pretty cheesy packages.

Did you check out the BOMBS!?

Who wired these “bombs”? CLOCK BOY?!

And Holy Mother of Muhammed, could at least one of the bombs have had the decency to  actually DETONATE! Nothing big that could actually hurt anybody. Just enough of an explosion to sell the ruse a bit more effectively.

It’s like they bought these “bombs” at Tweakers-R-Us? You know that store where former Obama administration people go to work, since they possess no useful skills.

America, we have ourselves a real whodunit. So, who should look at?

I suggested in a tweet that the CA videographer built these bombs. He’s like the convict out on parole, and police must speak to him on all crimes perpetrated by Democrats. However, there are other theories floating around.

Here’s another I proposed.

Perhaps an “anonymous source” got wind of the bomb by way of a former British spy. The spy then created a “dossier” on the bombmaker, and passed that information to former Senator John McCain.

Next, McCain warned Hillary Clinton, who paid for a more embellished version of the dossier. She then passed it to Nellie Ohr of Fusion GPS. Ohr then gave the dossier to her FBI husband, who then worked with the media to give the dossier credibility.

Finally, CNN leaked the story that we have today.

Allow me to fast-forward for you.

Mueller gets involved and determines that the bomb was built by Putin, in an effort to help Trump win the midterms.

Case closed. Mueller will release his report on BombGate after the midterms.

If these bombs were real, I would suggest the powers not look at any Conservatives. I think they should look at people close to the Clintons and Obamas. Maybe check out people who are considering turning state’s evidence against them. They are more likely to wage a pre-emptive strike.

Andrew McCabe is worth a look-see. He said openly that he’s not going down without taking others.

What of Peter Strzok? He’s certainly worth checking out. After all, he has an evil streak.

And what of disgraced former FBI Director James Comey. If there was anybody to watch, this guy fits. He’s become fatalistic, tweeting scripture.

I’m sure there are many more people who have something against Obama, Clinton, and Soros.

October Surprise?

If this was supposed to be the Democrats’ October Surprise, then SURPRISE! We’re NOT buying it!

When they announced this silly story, my social media lit up. Conservatives called “bomb scare” bulls*it from the onset. BS it was.

In the future, I suggest to Democrats that they find more sympathetic “victims”, when planning a bomb farce. The selection of Obama, Clinton, and Soros proves how detached the Left have become. They actually see three heinous criminals as poster children for this farce as believable!


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