Democrats PANICKED: Keith Ellison’s Divorce Records to be Unsealed

While the #MeToo movement shifted from Hollywood Democrat men to innocent Republicans, another battle waged.

That battle waged over the hypocrisy of Leftist women who ignored the abuse of women by Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN).

Though Democrats tried to ignore this scandal, my friend Laura Loomer kept the pressure up. It appears her relentless drive for the truth may have paid off.

According to the Washington Times, America may finally learn the truth about Keith Ellison:

A county court has ordered Rep. Keith Ellison’s divorce records to be unsealed, allowing more scrutiny into the Democrat’s private life as he fights off the abuse allegations upending his campaign for Minnesota attorney general.

Hennepin County Family Court referee Jason Hutchison released an order Friday saying the records of Mr. Ellison’s 2012 split with ex-wife Kim Ellison will be unsealed Oct. 17, ruling that “open access is the presumption in Minnesota.”

Kim Ellison, who is also an elected official as a member of the Minneapolis school board, has said there was no abuse during their 20-year marriage. Mr. Ellison plans to appeal the decision, according to his attorney.

“Keith and Kim Ellison remain jointly opposed to this effort to exploit the details of their personal life, and the lives of their children, for political gain,” Ellison attorney Carla Kjellberg said in a statement to media outlets.

The Minnesota Star Tribune and AlphaNews sued to have the records unsealed in the aftermath of abuse allegations made in August by Karen Monahan, Mr. Ellison’s ex-girlfriend, who said that he dragged her from a bed by her foot screaming obscenities.

Interestingly, Obama got elected to the senate with this very tactic in 2004.

As many people here know, there are embarrassing divorce records that Obama’s opponent Jack! Ryan has been trying to keep sealed. The judge yesterday ruled that they must be released to the public, even though the publicity is very likely to have a negative effect on Ryan’s son.

An article from the Chicago Tribune says that Ryan has begun warning GOP supporters that there will be fallout:

Fallout indeed occurred. Ryan lost and Obama won.

Ellison now attempts the same argument as Ryan. In the case of Ryan, his records had salacious allegations of swinging, not spousal abuse, at least like that of which Ellison has been accused.

Keith and Kim Ellison argued that the release of their divorce records would pose a threat to their privacy and safety. How so. The only people who might be in danger are the women Ellison may try to silence.

There is an obvious double-standard here, at least with the #MeToo crowd. But not all feminists feel the same.

“[W]orse yet, Keith Ellison has been accused of domestic violence by multiple women,” says the ad. “Even the National Organization for Women has called for Ellison to end his campaign.”

The National Organization for Women want Ellison out? That’s big.

Democrats are rightfully panicked. After the witch hunt of Kavanaugh yielded nothing, they needed America to look the other way on Ellison. But, we didn’t. Now we’re hooked, as we’ve watched Season One, Thus, we await the next.

Look, divorce is ugly. But Democrats use this tactic of opening records of opponents often, particularly when it suits their needs. Frankly, though it’s crappy politics I’m happy to see Republicans do the same.

Perhaps after Ellison loses, Democrats will understand that dirty politics needs to stop. Then start politicking honorably. Nah, I doubt it.

As for Ellison’s divorce records, I’m ready for Season Two of this drama. Yes, I want to see those records. Because, I’d like to see a Democrat scoundrel showcased publicly as such.

And if he turns out to be innocent, then let’s just call this getting even for Kavanaugh.


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