Now Women Who Lie About Rape Get Awards?

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, the Democrats surprise you.

Christine Blasey Ford may have slithered away to her snake hole, hoping America will eventually forget her treachery. But the Left just won’t let things die. But not how you think.

According to the Washington Times, academia wants to award the lying scumbag.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser has been nominated by her alma mater for its distinguished alumna award for “speaking truth to power.”

According to a report in CNN, Christine Blasey Ford is being pushed for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Distinguished Alumna Award because she was “speaking truth to power” when she publicly accused then-Judge Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

Jennifer Ho, a professor of English at UNC, stated in her letter nominating Ms. Blasey Ford that her testimony “was something that was extraordinary in how ordinary it was: she told the truth about a sexual assault she experienced when she was fifteen years old at the hands of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.”

Only in the world of Leftists do people receive awards for lying through their crooked teeth.

One would think UNC would distance itself from its 1988 graduate with bachelor’s degree in psychology. That’s not the world of wackademia.

The article continues,

According to the university’s web page, alumni must be nominated by Oct. 15 and have made “an outstanding contribution to humanity in any walk of life.”

Ms. Ho’s nominating letter said that “Dr. Blasey Ford giving her testimony, speaking truth to power, was an inspiration for so many of us. Her accomplishment is to be an alumna of integrity, who despite great personal cost to herself and her family told her story of her sexual assault and emboldened others to also find the courage to speak out against injustice.”

Ms. Ho insisted that the letter and the nomination are not partisan acts.

“There may be people reading this nomination letter who will take issue with Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony or who may see this letter as an example of partisan politics,” Ms. Ho’s letter states, according to a posted version of it at CNN.

“But this letter nominating Dr. Blasey Ford is not about partisan politics: it is about recognizing that the simple act of speaking one’s truth, especially when that truth involves sexual assault, is an act of bravery. We live in a society that does not believe women,” she wrote.

The UNC alumnus who scrubbed her past, won’t turn over her therapy notes, and was too drunk to remember how she got home, spoke “truth to power”?

What an insult to the former hallowed halls of academia everywhere. And more specifically, what an insult to UNC. The idea the university would entertain such absurdity should make all alumni take pause, particularly when deciding whether to donate.

Democrats will do anything to try to make their lies truth. Let’s not let them continue this ruse.



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