Sessions Resigns Then Guess What Chuck Schumer Did?!

The ink hasn’t dried on former AG Jeff Sessions resignation paper, before Chuck Schumer chimed in.

Want to know what Schumer demands?

I will tell you that Democrats must be both scared and stupid to believe that President Trump would grant this request, or that the incoming AG would do the same.

That’s right, Schumer wants the incoming AG to pre-recuse himself or herself into any parts of the Russian investigation. Now that’s something somebody with something to hide would request.

But Schumer goes on to discuss a “Constitutional crisis”, if President Trump or the new AG were to limit the scope.

That’s actually not true. The Constitutional crisis we currently have involves a Special Counsel having unlimited scope into a farce.

Trump (and America) have had enough grandstanding.

We want to know the details of every Democrat’s involvement in the Russian meddling “investigation”. From the top to the bottom. 

Look at the current cast of characters.

Barack Obama – He presided over this mess. And in text messages we learned that he asked the FBI to keep him apprised of the situation.

Hillary Clinton – Her connections to the Russians are so deep, I’m sure the Russians have a code name for her.

All Hillary Clinton State Department Staffers, The Clinton Family, and anybody associated with The Clinton Foundation.

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey – He was the lynchpin of the operation. Comey weaponized the FBI against Donald Trump. Further, he provided cover for Hillary Clinton and Democrats.

Andrew McCabe – He worked as a CaPo, aka FBI henchman.

Peter Strzok – He worked for McCabe.

Lisa Page – She was an attorney in the Department of Justice, and strategized with Strzok to bring down Trump, by any means necessary.

John Carlin – He’s a critical figure in all of this, and played a strategic role with James Clapper.

James Clapper. Obama director of national intelligence, whose office formally concluded in January 2017 that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election. He said in July 2016 the U.S. wasn’t “quite ready yet to make a call on attribution” when asked about Russia’s role in DNC email hacks. He’s also lied multiple times on TV and under oath, and knows the Democrats’ involvement to the minutae level.

There are many others who should be added to this list, but I’m ending here for the sake of brevity

Mueller promised this report post-miderms, so here we are. Let’s see the report. Then let’s see if Chuck Schumer can ask for a recusal by the acting AG or the incoming AG.

I suggest Democrats get as far way as possible when this bomb explodes. There will be no safe place inside the DC beltway blast zone.




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