Lawsuit Filed Against Special Counsel Mueller and Team

The lawsuit filed against Mueller and team is not necessarily for the money. Because a much bigger bounty awaits.

If this lawsuit holds, Mueller must produce documents for discovery. And that’s the last thing that Deep State swamp rat fixer wants to do.

According to Fox News:

Jerome Corsi, the conservative author accused of lying under oath to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators, filed a federal lawsuit late Sunday accusing Mueller of leaking grand jury items and various constitutional violations, including illegal surveillance, reports said.

Politico reported that the newly filed suit claims that Mueller tried to get Corsi to give testimony that Corsi said is false. He is reportedly seeking $100 million in actual damages and $250 million in damages due to injury to his reputation.  The CIA, FBI, and the National Security Agency were also named in the suit.

The author has theorized that investigators hoped that he would admit to a connection with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange. The connection would bolster their Russian collusion investigation, he said. A link between Corsi and Assange would make it easy to tie in President Trump’s former adviser Roger Stone, he said.

American intelligence agencies have assessed that Russia was the source of hacked material released by WikiLeaks during the 2016 election that damaged Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Mueller’s office is trying to determine whether Stone and other associates of President Trump had advance knowledge of WikiLeaks’ plans.

Mueller intimidates witnesses for sport. And it works.

However, recall when he Mueller made an uncharacteristic move. I wrote at the time:

But the news only gets better for Michael Flynn.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has requested the postponement of Flynn’s sentencing. As Zoe Tillman of BuzzFeed tweeted a statement from Mueller’s team:

“Due to the status of the Special Counsel’s investigation, the parties do not believe that this matter is ready to be scheduled for a sentencing hearing at this time.”

Looks to me like Mueller understands that he no longer has a case against Michael Flynn.

Flynn had Mueller by the short hairs. But because the indictment ruined Flynn financially, he kept his mouth shut and accepted freedom. Flynn likely thought, “Why roll the dice?”, even though he was 100 percent innocent.

But Corsi didn’t fall for it.

He had practically no connection to Trump. Corsi was an ordinary journalist. What could have possibly have done to thwart an election in collusion with the Russians? Absolutely nothing.

So Corsi decided to fight. David versus Goliath. And this version of David has the next best thing to God on his side: Trump as President.

A friend of mine attended the release of George Papadopoulos from jail. CNN reported about his release and future plans:

Ex-Donald Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos was released from prison Friday morning after serving 12 days for lying to investigators about his contact with individuals tied to Russia during the 2016 campaign.

Papadopoulos exited a federal prison in Oxford, Wisconsin, shortly after 10 a.m. ET.

In his first tweet after being released, Papadopoulos thanked “patriots” for their support of his cause and announced the pending release and available pre-order of his new book, “Deep State Target.”

“Glad to have been released today, I am extremely grateful to patriots who supported me, and I’m thrilled to announce the upcoming publication of my book DEEP STATE TARGET,” he tweeted.

But my friend said his story was heartwrenching. Further, she commented that in hearing it, all she could think is, “How is this possible in the United States?”

Recall what Pappadopoulos received as punishment.

As part of his sentence, Papadopoulos will now have 12 months of supervised release, must serve 200 hours of community service within about one year, and must pay a $9,500 fine.

Papadopoulos was a surprise early target in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation and since then has swung from working for the President, to turning against him and back again.

“The truth will all be out. Not even a prison sentence can stop that momentum,” he tweeted the night before he was to report to prison. “The wool isn’t going to be pulled over America’s eyes forever. Much love.”

Not exactly the sentence of a hardened criminal. Further, Papadopoulos will make a small fortune on his book. So a $9,500 fine amounts to a “nuisance” penalty.

Papadopoulos is right. Eventually America will learn with certainty the crooked nature of the Obama administration. And they will understand that if allowed to get away with their crimes, nobody in America is safe.

I wish Jerome Corsi Godspeed in his lawsuit against Mueller.



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