Entitled Girl Wants Mom to Buy Car that cost more than a House

Democrats are created. And it’s bad mostly Leftist parents who create these entitled miscreants.

Check out this 15-year old girl who complains about an allowance of $1,000 a month. She’s upset because her mother reduced her allowance to $1,000 a month. I have to wonder what it was.

Before some of you side with this brat, I ask you, “What was YOUR allowance when you were a child?”

Sadly, I grew up poor. So my allowance was what I earned. When I was in military school, I receive $4 a week for spending money on “liberty”. In today’s dollars, that amounts to about $25 a week, I suppose.

When I was out of military school and therefore able to work, I received NO allowance. AT that point my grandparents reverted back to “old school”. I would have killed to get the cost-of-living adjusted equivalent of $1000 for an allowance.

But this girl wanted more. She actually requested that Dr. Phil to convince her mother that $2,500 is more in line with her standard of living.

Believe it or not, she wasn’t done. The girl wants a $231,000 car. It’s called a G-Wagon.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know what car this was. It’s obviously better than a Ferrari or a Lamborghini at that price. What’s even more amazing is this would be the girl’s first car.


What was your first car?

Mine was a $400 1962 Volkswagen Beetle. As my sister would say, “It was a hot mess!”

But it was a hot mess that I bought. If my grandparent’s bought me a car, at best I would have gotten a lowest model Ford or Chevy about 10+ years older than the year I purchased it.

She scoffs at the idea of driving a brand new Honda or Toyota. She then admits her mother proposed a Mercedes. I would have given my right nut for a Mercedes. But as the girl noted, it was only a C-class.

James Woods nails what’s happening here, when he tweeted:

In a rare television event, we are witness to the actual birth of a Democrat.

Keep in mind as you consider the $1,000 allowance, that the girl already has room and board, food covered, and likely some of her likely extensive wardrobe.

As for her car, I’m confident the parents pick up the gas and insurance of the vehicle. Further, I’m willing to bet the family provides quite a few nice vacations, and other extra-curricular expenditures for this Millennial clown.

So it’s on top of these things she wants an allowance of $2,500. For what, I’m not sure.

At $2,500, this girl would make more money than BOTH my grandparent earned in a month, and that’s with a cost of living adjustment.

What I find most interesting about this video is the girl’s reaction when told she needs to get a job.

Upon hearing this, she cries. And these are not fake tears. She distraught at the idea of actually working. This girl can’t fathom having to earn a living.

On so many levels her mother (parents) have failed her. You can bet this chick never did a chore in her life. If she had done chores, she would understand that chores are preparation for real work.

As you contemplate this young woman, don’t think she’s alone. There are many of her in existence.


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