Hillary Clinton Uses FAKE SOUTHERN ACCENT Again

Hillary Clinton is famous for her pandering. And she’s at it again.

Before I get to the latest pander, recall her last one. The woman who collapsed multiple times during her run against President Trump said to a black church audience, “I don’t feel no ways tired”.

I can never get enough of watching Hills speak to black Leftists like they are idiots. Apparently sometime between that speech and her run for president she started feeling “ways tired”.

And here is the latest.

The speech occurred in Selma, Alabama. It was held at a church, a place the Clintons only go to pander to blacks or when caught doing something wrong.

Supposedly Clinton was there to honor the historic “Bloody Sunday” march. Instead, she holds on to the nonsensical idea that she remains politically relevant. Thus, she performed in “blackface” for all intents.

“We already had church this morning,” Clinton said, adding “oh my gosh” with a southern twang in her voice.

“Another commonality that Rose and I have: comin’ down to Dothan, Alabama in the early 1970’s to go under cover to gather evidence about a white segregated academy in an effort to deny it and others like it federal tax exemption,” Clinton added, getting more comfortable with her newfound accent.

Next, Clinton cited a quote from failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, fake accent and all.

“She said, look, I can’t go back and win 2018, but we can win 2020 and 2022 and every election going into the future,” Clinton said.

After mentioning that Black History Month had just ended, the former secretary of state said she was “thinkin’” about Ida B. Wells and all of her work towards helping African-Americans.

At the end of her speech, Clinton told the audience, “There is so much that needs doin’.”

And dinner needs a fixin’! And black peoples needs a savin’!

It’s comical to watch the Democrats do the same things that got their asses kicked in 2016. They believe these tricks fool blacks. But mainstream blacks are finally waking up.



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