Jim Acosta’s EMBARRASSING Outing

Jim Acosta is not nearly as popular as his ego suggests.

Check out Acosta at his event and you get an idea of his reality. But the far-reaching implications are what should scare Democrats.

Joe Posobiec tweeted Acosta at a book signing. There Acosta sits all smiles as somebody takes his picture, likely at his request.


Acosta attended the Barnes and Noble to hawk his recently released his book, The Enemy of The People.

In the book Acosta describes himself, only he says it chronicles his time “fighting on the front lines in President Trump’s war on truth.”

Acosta’s book features many quotes by anonymous sources.

“They are often blunt in their assessment of their boss,” The Guardian reports. “A ‘senior White House official’ tells Acosta: ‘The president’s insane.’ A ‘former White House national security official’ says staffers were not sure the president had not been ‘compromised’ by Russia.”

I’m sure Acosta spoke with a reliable source who overheard his girlfriend’s cousin’s father what he heard at the deli counter.

Anyway, on this fateful day, Acosta decided to make a surprise visit to the Barnes & Noble in Arlington, Virginia. Unfortunately for Acosta, only about 30 people showed up for the book signing.


In his defense, the signing was not a planned event. However, Acosta called the store in advance to alert them he would be coming. An employee of the retailer reported the “signing consisted of Acosta standing behind a counter and signing books for about an hour.”

“It was kind of very quiet — he showed up and signed,” she said. The employee said there were “no customers waiting for him to sign his book.”.

According to the store manager, the store sold “like 30-or-something” copies of Acosta’s book when he was at the Barnes & Noble.

I suggest that Acosta’s impromptu book signing belies his popularity as well as that of the Left.

Democrats have over 20 presidential contenders. And most are less known that the next Guatemalan who manages to sneak into America. Their top contender is a racist who like accosting women and smelling their hair.

Yes, Democrats have problems. Major problems.

Where’s the book now? #363 on Amazon.

John Nolte of Breitbart wrote:

Many of you know Jim Acosta. He is the chief White House correspondent for the fake news outlet CNN, a beta male who has been caught lying so many times it is impossible to count, a left-wing activist who prides himself on his dishonesty, a pajama boy who is not all that bright, a walking self-parody with two chins who needs to ease up on the hair dye.

Acosta did write a book, though, a whole book about how hard it is to tell the truth in Trump’s America … and yet, in Trump’s America, Acosta was still able to publish and publicize his book, which kind of undermines the entire premise of the book, no?

But publicize his book, Acosta did, all over CNN… Unfortunately for Acosta, though, no one watches CNN. The ratings over there continue to find new barrel bottoms to scrape, and Acosta’s smug peacocking and lying, combined with the fact that he is ridiculously unlikable, has contributed much to those barrel bottoms.

So how big of a fail is it for Acosta to land at #363 after just a few days…?

That’s pathetic, particularly given Acosta’s notoriety. So where is the anti-Trump sentiment from America’s #1 anti-Trump bad boy?



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