Trump Just Guaranteed His Re-Election

Not that the president needs any help getting re-elected, but this latest move doesn’t hurt.

Democrats know they have big troubles ahead. Their biggest issues in facing President Trump are his results. Politicians on either side have rarely had to face success. 

Bill Clinton got lucky with a Congress who forced his hand on a multitude of sane issues. He smartly abided by Speaker Newt Gingrich’s “Contract for America”, which led to his re-election. Had Clinton kept his pecker in his pocket instead of the face of an intern, his presidency would likely be among the best ever. Thanks to a strong Speaker, Clinton’s legacy, sex scandal nothwithstanding, remains intact. And let’s not forget Reagan’s contribution to Clinton’s tenure. Despite the Bush 41 term, Clinton still lived on the muscle-memory of the Reagan years.

How does Trump compare?

In three years, Trump has surpassed Clinton and yes even the venerable Ronald Reagan. And therein lies part of the Democrats’ problem.

Trump built a successful economy. Democrats can pretend the economy is legacy Obama, but Trump’s first move proved otherwise. Anybody remember what Obama said about Carrier?

What an embarrassment for the man Obama tried to insure would never get elected to immediately “gizz” in his face before he’s even officially president.

And when Trump saved Carrier, he made it look so each so easy. I commented at the time that Obama’s comments proved that he had no clue about the economy. Trump leveraged Carrier with Raytheon, the parent company. And for Trump, this was Economics 001.

Trump did what Obama couldn’t even fathom. Talk about a blow to Democrats who believed Obama to be the “smartest president ever”.

But the list of Trump accomplishments goes much further.

The obliteration of Obamacare gave medical rights back to American citizens. Trump literally saved lives. Next, he address the veterans, firing over 4,000 incompetent bureaucrats who Obama administration officials allowed to die on waiting lists.

Then Trump addressed the opioid crisis. No fixes; yet. But at least you know Trump in on the case.

I mentioned in an earlier piece that Trump now addresses fraud in Medicare. Think he doesn’t want to recover that estimated $50-70 billion annually?

If Americans care about their health and tax dollars, Trump delivered.

I could wax on about Trump’s accomplishments abroad as well. But for the sake of brevity, I will mention only a few accomplishments.

While Democrats considered Obama a peace-monger, he delivered nothing in the way of world peace. Trump on the other hand brought North Korea to the negotiation table. Even Democrats couldn’t ignore Trump’s accomplishment, though many credited China with the move. That statement played into Trump’s hand, as he had said that’s what he would do years earlier.

Putin is in check for the most part, as is Iran, whose economy crumbles daily.

Trump’s trade policies proved effective with the EU and China. But what about using trade agreements to get Mexico to stem illegal immigration. Masterful.

But none of that is the reason Trump will win, though it doesn’t hurt. It’s what he’s doing with one formerly Democrat-controlled special interest group: blacks.

Showcase the Liars

Trump realizes that he could say, “I’m not a racist”. But Democrats want that. So he’s taken the right approach to proving he’s not racist. To quote the Nike slogan, “Just DO it!”.

And that’s what Trump does.

Democrats called Trump racist from “jump”. And many people bought the act. At first, Trump tried to play the game, surrounding himself with blacks, particularly pastors. But he’s finally gotten it.

Not long ago, Trump addressed criminal justice reform with his First Step legislation. Even social justice warrior Van Jones lauded the president.

Now Trump goes farther, introducing Second Chance legislation.

What genius! Democrats can’t fight giving people a second chance. Trump, aka the Republicans, now own giving black offenders their humanity back.

Prisons are filled with black inmates, disproportionately so. Trump announced to the “black” world that he sees humanity in these people. He wants them to have a chance to truly reform, build their lives back.

Understand these black inmates are not bourgeois cocktail-sipping blacks. They are from the hood. They go back into the community and will thank Trump for that job, for that opportunity. Many really do want to go back to “normal” life, but couldn’t. Until now.

Why didn’t Obama address this?

Obama’s take was to pardon blacks at the end of his term for political reasons. But he did nothing meaningful in criminal justice reform. The rich, white Republican president owns that trophy.

What is Second Chance?

From the White House website:

  • Second chance hiring builds on the success of the historic First Step Act signed into law by President Trump in December 2018. The First Step Act created a fairer justice system for all and enacted programs to reduce recidivism and make our communities safer.
  • This landmark legislation reformed policies that failed Americans for decades and enabled some offenders to petition for a review of their sentences.
  • Since the First Step Act was signed into law, 90 percent of those who have had their sentences reduced are African American.

Hard to believe that a racist president would enact legislation that so overwhelmingly helps blacks?

And that’s the problem Democrats must reconcile. Because, if they continue to call Trump racists, they reveal themselves as the liars they are.




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